Budget of Nepal 2078/79 pdf in Nepali

Finance Minister Bishnu Paudel on Saturday has announced a budget of Rs 1.647 trillion for the upcoming fiscal year 2078/79. As per his briefing today at the Singha Durbar, the aforementioned amount 41.2 percent has been allocated for recurrent expenditure while 22.7 percent, 12.6 percent and 23.5 percent have been allocated for capital expenditure, debt financing and transfer to local to the provinces and local bodies, respectively. The budget of Nepal 2078/79 sets to increase the economic growth of 6.5 percent in the upcoming fiscal year plans to collect Rs 1.024 trillion through revenues and Rs 63.77 billion through foreign grant and the remaining amount will cover through foreign loans and domestic borrowing. You see the detail in the budget of nepal 2078/79 pdf in nepali. The government has increased all existing security allowances and now, the elderly (70+) citizens will now receive Rs 4,000 in allowance per Minister Paudel said that Rs 10.03 billion has been allocated for railways which includes expenditure on study for metro in the Kathmandu.

This is the budget of nepal 2078/79 pdf in nepali. You can download it from kaamkura.com.

Download the budget of nepal 2078/79 in nepali

Major Highlight of Budget

1. Keeping inflation limited to 6.5 percent

2. Startup business tax exemption for 5 years

3. 250 billion will be spent from internal debt

4. 309 billion will be spent from foreign loans

5. 559 billion less

6. Foreign Grants: 63.37 billion

7. From revenue: 1 trillion 24 billion

8. On the capital side: Rs 347 billion

9. Expenditure on current side: Rs. 678.61 billion

10. Budget of Rs. 1647.57 billion
11. At least one third of the people will have access to insurance

12. Arrangements will be made to send money through mobile wallet as they are in foreign employment

13. Non-operational industries will be operated in partnership with the private sector

14. The allowance of a national servant has been increased by Rs 2,000

15. National identity cards will be distributed to 7 million people next year

16. Prisons will be converted into correctional facilities

17. Electronic visa will be issued

18. Ration of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force increased by 15 percent

19. Access to 4G will be extended to all local levels

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