Captain AG Sherpa Buddha Air

Captain AG Sherpa Buddha Air who saved the 77 passengers. The Buddha Air flight wearing seventy seven passengers to Biratnagar landed in Kathmandu with out touchdown because of touchdown equipment trouble. The aircraft had simply landed at Tribhuvan International Airport. Flying turned into now no longer a massive deal for a pilot. With 24 years of flight enjoy, Sherpa has taken lots of passengers to their destinations.

Captain AG Sherpa Buddha Air
Captain AG Sherpa Buddha Air

But on Monday, he did now no longer anticipate me to land the seventy seven passengers on the airport safely. The deliver’s engine did now no longer even provide a inexperienced sign to land the deliver. Which is referred to as the 3 inexperienced sign. The deliver makes a ordinary touchdown most effective while 3 indicators seem inexperienced. Otherwise, it’s miles understood that there may be a trouble withinside the engine or wheel of the deliver. Pilot Sherpa gave a completely ominous sign to the flying deliver. The touchdown equipment did now no longer cross down.

 According to the pilots, this trouble isn’t taken into consideration ordinary. He stated, “I didn’t suppose touchdown turned into so easy. I had idea a lot, however once I arrived at Kathmandu airport from Biratnagar, the aircraft gave a 3 inexperienced sign. I additionally paid a number of attention.”

 He again to Kathmandu because the deliver couldn’t land at Biratnagar. Of the seventy three passengers on board Buddha Air’s NI Call Sign flight 701,  had been kids and 3 had been newborns. Four team participants had been on board. How to land now that the wheel of the aircraft has now no longer come off? There turned into a commotion on the airport. Concerns approximately the way to make a pressure touchdown had all at once increased.

Buddha Air started its operation in 11 October 1997 with one Beechcraft 1900D, six commanders, six co pilots flying out to five destinations within Nepal. Today the company has two Beechcraft 1900D, three ATR 42 and ten ATR 72 and employs a team of 80 Cockpit Crew and 66 Cabin Crew.

Capt. Devendra Bahadur BasnetOperation Director
Capt. Ranjan Kumar SharmaDirector Flight Safety
Capt. Sunil GurungChief Pilot, ATR
Capt. Shekhar KafleActing Chief Pilot, Beech 1900D
Capt. Ang Gelu SherpaChief of Flight Safety
Capt. Pramod ThapaChief of Training
Mr. Bhawani Shankar ShresthaCabin Crew Executive Manager
Ms.Sagun TandukarChief of Cabin Crew
Ms.Anamika  ChaudharyDy.Chief of Cabin Crew

 Fire engines and ambulances had been deployed on the airport. Captain AG Sherpa had determined to go back the aircraft to Kathmandu after seeing no signal withinside the touchdown equipment. The aircraft turned into again to Kathmandu because of loss of important arrangements for pressure touchdown at Biratnagar Airport. The aircraft took off for Biratnagar at 8:32 withinside the morning. The Buddha Air flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar turned into introduced again to Kathmandu withinside the morning because of technical problems.

 Captain AG Sherpa Buddha Air: Passengers aboard the aircraft are safe. Rinji Sherpa, spokesperson of Tribhuvan International Airport, stated that each one the passengers on board had been safe. There had been seventy five passengers on board. This is an enjoy that Pilot Sherpa has now no longer skilled in his 24 years of pilot life. The passengers had been scared after they determined out that there has been a trouble withinside the aircraft. As quickly because the deliver again to Kathmandu, a excessive alert turned into issued at Tribhuvan International Airport.

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