Dashain Tika Sait 2078 (2021) – Dashain Tika Sait in USA 2021

Dashain Tika Sait 2078 (2021) is on Oct.15 (Ashoj 29, 2078), at 10:02 AM this year. According to Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti, the government body announced the dates and times for Hindu Dashain festivals to be celebrated in the country as well as foreign countries. Dashain is celebrating 15 days by Hindus of Nepal. People take Tika and Jamara as a symbol of blessings from the seniors on the 10th day of the festival which is called Bijaya Dashami.

According to Shree Krishna Adhikari, the chairperson of the committee says the auspicious time taking Tika at 10:02 am in Nepal. However, it is the starting time of Tika and blessings but people can receive Tika after that time what is possible as per their time. Most of Hindus Nepali is receiving Tika and blessings from their seniors for the next five days after the main day. It is great the greatest celebration in Nepal.

After the migration of Nepalese people in different countries, Dashain is celebrating in USA, India, Australia, Japan, London etc. So,  Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti published the Dashain Tika in USA 2021, Dashain Tika in Australia, Dashain Tika Sait in UK 2021 and others countries as well.  

Country & CityDateDashain Tika Sait
Nepal10/15/2021 (29 Ashoj 2078)10:02 AM
Delhi, India15-Oct-219:55 AM
America, NYC15-Oct-219:21 AM
America, California15-Oct-217:15:AM
America, Kentucky15-Oct-218:45AM
America, Texas15-Oct-218:15:AM
London, England15-Oct-2110:01AM
Tokyo, Japan15-Oct-2111:05AM
Australia, Melbourne15-Oct-2110:31AM
Australia, Sidney15-Oct-2110:25AM
Austrailia, Brisbane15-Oct-2110:29AM
Canada, Toronto15-Oct-218:35AM
Paris, France15-Oct-219:15AM
Portugal, Lisbon15-Oct-219:55AM
Malasiya, Kuala Lumpur15-Oct-218:45AM
Abhu Dhabi, UAE15-Oct-218:21AM
Qatar, Doha15-Oct-217:55AM
South Korea, Seoul15-Oct-219:15AM
Thailand, Bangkok15-Oct-218:15AM
Israil15-Oct-219:01 AM
Soudi Arabia15-Oct-218:14AM
New Zealand, Wellington15-Oct-2110:35AM

Dashain Tika Subha Sait

Dashain Tika Subha Sait is starting time to receive the Tika and blessings. Here you can find the Dashain Tika Subha Sait for Nepal, Delhi, India, America, NYC, America, California, America, Kentucky, America, Texas, London, England, Tokyo, Japan, Australia, Melbourne, Australia, Sidney, Austrailia, Brisbane, Canada, Toronto, Paris, France, Portugal, Lisbon, Malasiya, Kuala Lumpur, Abhu Dhabi, UAE, Qatar, Doha, South Korea, Seoul, Thailand, Bangkok, Israil, Singapore, Hongkong, Soudi Arabia and  New Zealand, Wellington.

Dashain Tika Sait 2078 (2021)
Dashain Tika 2078 (2021)

People give the Dashain wishes 2078 and Happy Dashain gift to relatives and friends. Nepali Dashain songs are very popular among the countries and Kaamkura wishes very happy Dashain all our visitors and lovers. You can also share your wishes in this post comment section.

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