4 Years B.Sc., BBS, and B.Ed 4th Year 2077 Exam Routine of TU

4 Years B.Sc., BBS, and B.Ed 4th Year 2077 Exam Routine of TU

TU has published the exam routine of 4th year B.Sc. BBS and B.Ed 4th year for 2077. Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu conducted by the Institute of Science and Technology in the year 2077 BS, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Education 4 years B.Sc., BBS. And B.Ed. This information has been published for the information of all concerned as the examination will be conducted according to the following schedule of the regular and partial examination candidates of the fourth year.

Time: 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

Exam Schedule of 4 years Bsc, BBS and B.Ed

4 Year’s B.Sc. IV Year

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/08/28Code No.401; Bot. Chem.Env. Sc.Geology Meteorology Math. Microbiology Physics Stat. Zoology
2077/08/30Code No.402; Mathematics
2077/09/02Code No.403; Bot. Chem.Env. Sc.Geology Meteorology: (Regular -Engineering Hydrology, Back –  Climate Change) Math. Microbiology Physics Stat. Zoology
2077/09/04Code No.404; Mathematics
2077/09/06Code No.407;Interdisciplinary:  Bot. Chem.Env. Sc.Geology Meteorology Math. Microbiology Physics Stat. Zoology
2077/09/08Code No.405; Applied Science:  Bot. Chem.Env. Sc.Geology Meteorology : (Regular – Atmospheric Pollution Climate Change, Back -Applied Hydrology) Math. Microbiology Physics Stat. Zoology
2077/09/11Code No.408; Computational Course
2077/09/13Code No.408; Math. (Mathematical Eco.)
2077/09/14Code No. 409; Mathematical Modeling

4Year’s B.B.S.IV Year

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/08/29MGT-220 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
2077/09/01MGT-221 Business Research Methods
2077/09/03ACC-250 Accounting for Banking FIN- 250 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance MKT- 250 Fundamentals of SellingMGT- 250. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
2077/09/05ACC-251Accounting for Business FIN- 251 Commercial Bank Management MKT -251 Customer Relationship Management MGT- 251 International Business
2077/09/07ACC-252Advanced Financial Accounting FIN- 252 Foundations of Financial Institutions and Market MKT 252 Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal MGT- 252 Management of Industrial Relations
2077/09/09ACC-253Advanced Auditing FIN -253. Fundamentals of Investment MKT -253 Fundamentals of Advertising MGT- 253 Productivity Management
2077/09/12ACC-254 Budgeting and Controlling of Profit FIN- 254 Insurance and Risk Management MKT- 254 Fundamentals of Services Marketing MGT -254 Quality Management

4 Year’s B. Ed. IV Year

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/08/28Compulsory Subjects / Code No. Ed. 442 (Classroom Instruction) / Ed.443 ICT in Edu./ Hist.Ed.444(ICT in Hist.Edu.)/ Math. Ed.444(ICT in Math.Edu.) / Sc. Ed.444(ICT in Science Edu.)
2077/08/30Major Subjects/ Code No. 445 Nep. Ed. (अनुसन्धान विधि _ / Eng. Ed.( Research Methodology in Eng. Edu.)/ Math. Ed. (Linear Algebra & Vector Analysis) / Sc. Ed. (Chemistry IV) / HP. Ed. (School Health Program & Community Health Survey)/ Pop. Ed. (Fundamentals of Ageing)/ Geo. Ed. (Geo. Of Environment, Hazard & Disaster Mgmt.)/ Eco. Ed. (Managerial Eco. & Research in Eco.Edu.) / Hist. Ed. (Dawn of Democracy in Nepal (1950 to 2006) Pol. Sc. Ed. (Human Rights & Social Justice) /Ed. PM.(School Mgmt. Practices)
2077/09/02Major Subjects CodeNo.446 Nep. Ed. (व्यवहारिक लेखन तथा सम्पादन ) / Eng. Ed.(Literature for Language Development )/ Math. Ed. (Adv. Calculus)/ Sc. Ed.(Physics IV) / HP. Ed. (Sports Training in Physical Edu.)/ Pop. Ed. (Project Work &Seminar on Pop.Edu.)/ Geo. Ed. (Geographic Techniques) / Eco. Ed. (Population Economics) / Hist. Ed. Research Methodology in Hist.& Hist. Writing / Pol. Sc. Ed. (Election Politics in Nepal) / Ed. PM. (Social Justice Edu.)
2077/09/04Minor Subjects CodeNo.449 Nep. Ed. (व्यवहारिक लेखन तथा सम्पादन ) / Eng. Ed. (Literature for Language Development ) / Math. Ed. (Algebra) / Sc. Ed. (Animal Science IV)/ P. Ed. (Sports Training in Physical Edu.)/ Pop. Ed. (Project Work & Seminar on Pop.Edu.)/ Geo. Ed. (Geo. of Environment Hazard & Disaster Mgmt.) / Eco. Ed. (Population Economics) / Pol. Sc. Ed.(Election Politics of Nepal) / Ed.PM (School Mgmt. Practices)
2077/09/06Minor Subjects /Code No. 448 Sc. Ed. (Plant Science IV) / H. Ed. (School Health Program & Community Health Survey)

According to this program, some students who have to take the 4th year graduation level 4th year examination have failed to fill up the examination application form. This information has been published for the information of all concerned so that they can submit the examination application form to the concerned Examination Control Office.


1. No further arrangements will be made for the candidates who are absent from the examination as per the above examination schedule.

2. In case of any unforeseen leave, the examination will not be postponed without the prior notice of the Tribhuvan University.

3. If any of your subjects or letters that need to be taken for the exam are missed or missed in the examination program, Govt. This office must be notified within 7 days from the date of publication. Otherwise, the examination will be held according to this schedule.

4. Please contact your campus for an experimental test.

5. Log table, gossip voucher, graph paper, chart etc. required for the examination should be brought by the examinee himself and used with the prior approval of the Central Chairperson.

6. Within one month of the completion of the theoretical examination, the concerned campus has completed the experimental examination and the result, Result Sheet And attendance must be submitted to this office.

7. Prohibited items such as mobile phones, smart watches, Bluetooth, digital diaries will not be allowed to be taken inside the examination building. Otherwise, the Central Office may confiscate such goods.

8. As per the information to fill the examination application form, only the subjects as prescribed by the rules and syllabus under the TRI.VI. should be filled in the examination application form and the examination should be given only after ascertaining which course is to be taken. Otherwise, the campus or the students will be responsible for it.

9. If any examinee is blind, mentally retarded or unable to write by hand due to serious hand related disease, if the examination is to be conducted by an assistant author as per Rule 267, one hour for 100 integers and half an hour for lesser integers on the basis of disability identity card issued by official body. The time period will be extended.

10. Tri. Vi. Pa. Ni. Ka. of Except for the candidates who have applied for the examination center selection that suits them, other candidates have to apply for the examination. The examination will be canceled automatically if the examination is given from any center other than the one specified by Also, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the examination will be conducted on public holidays.

Controller of Examinations

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