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Exam Routine of Class 12 2078 – NEB Class 12 exam 2078

National Examination Board (NEB), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur published the Exam Routine of Class 12 2078 today. According to New Exam Routine of Class 12 2078,  NEB Class 12 exam 2078 will start from Bhadra 30, 2078.

According to National Examination Board, Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur notice, the exam will be held at home center with following the Government standards COVID-19 protocol (physical distancing, wearing mask and using hand sanitizer).  The NEB Class 12 exam routine 2078 which were earlier postponed, General (including music, fine arts and Sanskrit subject groups) and technical subjects of class 12, Annual of regular, grade promotion and partial examinees  is scheduled now.

NEB Class 12 exam routine 2078

NEB Class 12 exam routine 2078 is also included the Class 12 exam routine 2078 education, Class 12 exam Routine management or Class 12 Exam Routine 2078 pdf. You can see the NEB Class 12 Exam 2078 update news;

NEB Class 12 exam 2078 starts time : 11:00AM to 2:00 PM

Exam Routine of Class 12 2078

NEB Class 12 exam 2078

2078/05/30Com. English – (Regular  & Partial/Grade Increment studens)004
BudhabarAnibarya Baikalpik Sanskrit Rachana005
BihibarComputer Science230
 Opt. Nepali232
 Rural Development602
 Folk Music (Vocal/ Instrument Flute)638/640
 Commercial Mushroom Prod. & Mkt.  (Technical Stream)644
 Intro. to Livestock Breeding Mgmt. (Technical Stream)650
 Data Comm. & Computer Network (Technical Stream)654
 Structural Analysis & RCC Design (Technical Stream)658
 Opt & Maint. of Micro Hydro Plant & PV Sys (Tech Stream)662
 Criminal Law & Justice674
SukrabarPolitical Science258
 Home Science264
 Hotel Management270
 General Law296
 Anibarya Byakaran (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)605
 Nyaya (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)616
 Classical Music (Technical Stream)678
 Child Dev. & Learning902
 Travel & Tourism274
 Opt. Jyotish-II (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)601
 Elements of Finance606
 Opt. Shukla Yazurveda-II (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)607
 Opt. Sahitya-II (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)615
 Opt. Byakaran-II (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)634
 Sustainable Integrated Nutrient & Pest Mgmt (Tech)646
 Applied animal nutrition (Technical Stream)652
 Web development and Database (Technical Stream)656
 Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Structures (Tech)660
 Repair & Management of Electrical Equipments (Tech)664
 Western Music (Technical Stream)682
 Teaching Science904
 Teaching Social Studies906
 Teaching Health & Environment Science938
 Population Studies246
 Mass Communication262
 Library & Information Science298
 Environmental Education608
 Sports Science666
 Legal Drafting668
 Nepali Folk Music (Technical Stream)680
 Chemistry Education942
Mangal BarCommercial   Veg. Prod. & Mkt.  (Technical Stream)642
 Introductory Meat Science  (Technical Stream)648
2078/06/06Biology  (Botany + Zoology)214
BudhabarOpt. English220
 Principles of Accounting -II224
 Human Value Education290
 Applied Arts630
 Civil Law & justice672
 Opt. Music – Vocal/Instrument/Dance (Technical Stream)684/686/688
BihibarHealth & Physical Education244
 Co-operative Management604
 Opt. Jyotish-III (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)611
 Opt. Shukla Yazurveda-III (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)621
 Opt. Sahitya-III (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)623
 Business Studies628
 Opt. Byakaran–III (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)635
 Procedural Law670
2078/06/08Com. Nepali006
SukrabarAlternative English008
 Human Rights676
 Business Mathematics908
 Instructional Evaluation918
 Introduction to Edu. Technology/Special Need Edu.912/934
 Primary Education/Instructional Organization914/922
 Contemporary Society924
 General Mathematics/General Science926/928
 Social Studies930
 Rural Economics932
 Gender Studies/Food & Nutrition936/940
 History of Arts944
 Nepal Parichaya946
 Sanskrit Byakaran Rachana948
 Opt. Music IV950

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