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NIBL ACE Capital IPO Result

We are share the way of IPO result check on NIBL ACE Capital. If you did not know how to get result of IPO on published day, it is the best solution for you. You can follow the some simple steps and then you will get the IPO allotment result in same days. NIBL ACE Capital is the share issue manager of many companies. So, when the NIBL ACE Capital is the issue manager of any IPO, then you can find the result of this company's IPO here below;

How to check IPO Results on NIBL ACE Capital official Website ?

NIBL ACE Capital IPO Result

Investor can easily check their IPO allotment status in NIBL ACE Capital website under the IPO Allotment from check list  (https://niblcapital.com/ ) when the IPO result published. The mero share is not provided fast result of some cases due to server error or load, so it will be very helpful you to know the IPO result.  

Step 1: Log on NIBL ACE Capital Website  https://niblcapital.com/  https://result.niblcapital.com/#/ipo-result

Step 2: Select the Company Name

Step 3: Write the 16 Digits Dmat Number

Step 4: Click on Search button and view your IPO allotment Result.

You can see the IPO allotment status in your laptop, desktop and handset. If you are facing any difficulties, please write your message in comment box.

NIBL Ace Capital

NIBL Ace Capital Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Bank Limited. Established in 2011, NIBL Ace Capital (then NIBL Capital Markets Limited) aims to provide exceptional and customized financial services ranging from merchant banking, advisory, and asset management services to depository participant functions. Our purpose is to help our clients not only realize and plan their financial goals, but most importantly, to help achieve their goals with a well-conceived balance of risk and return. The strength of our parent company, coupled with our network and experience will hopefully act as the premier and trusted provider of customer-centric and innovation-driven investment banking services in Nepal.

At NIBL Ace Capital, our mission, vision, and core values are woven into everything we deliver. Together, these aspects guide us in seeing the bigger picture and creating a synergy that helps us achieve our goals.

On 11th February 2018, NIBL Capital and Ace Capital started joint operation as NIBL Ace Capital Limited. Our mission is to serve to attain our mutual goal of economic growth by applying prudence, while taking a lead in providing tailor made investment banking services. While NIBL Ace Capital already is an established force in the capital market, our merging with Ace Capital has further strengthened our reserve of professional expertise, talent, a strong capital base, and a vigorous long-term vision. This not only ensures we are able to effectively manage your investments but also provide practical solutions for your financial concerns.

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