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Posted: 11 March, 2021
Job and Jobs in Nepal

11 tips to apply for a job vacancy in Nepal

1. Search for jobs in various jobs portal sites in Nepal.

2. Complete the research on companies and requirement of job vacancy announcement

3. Prepare the note for jobs skill requirements.

4. Make a good connections with the companies and networking.

5. Prepare a good CV.

6. Revisit your CV as per job description.

7. Prepare the cover letter  and job application.

8. Apply job with your CV and applications.

9. You can wait for at least a week.

10. You can follow up on online via email.

11. If you can’t reach out them then call or visit the company

Many companies use online job application form. At that case, you need to aware on it and fill form online as per their requirement. You always needs to make extra than others. Because , the job market is very competitive in Nepal as well as world. If you are not short listing many times, you need to revisit your CV, application and cover letter as well as job description.

We are interesting for high paying and high level job, but you need to remember that it is needed hard work from your side. We did not say that it is not possible, you are also believed us, nothing possible. So you need to try and try for better result and fast success in your career development.

You need to visit or follow the jobs portal sites and apply any opening jobs relevant with your CV, skill and knowledge. You can get help from career development organization if you needed. You recommend you to, merojob, ramrojob, jobsnepal and so on.

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