Kabul Afghanistan – Taliban say Afghans no need to leave country

Kabul Afghanistan – Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said a press conference that Afghans did not need to leave the country and they did not afraid with us. The new Government did not do any harmful action against with Afghans citizen. But foreign nationals could continue traveling to the airport and the huge crowds of Afghans have gathered in Kabul Airport of Afghanistan to leave country. They should return home and would not face reprisals from the country’s new government.

According to Mujahid, the road which goes to the airport is blocked now. Afghans people cannot take that road to go to the airport but foreign nationals are allowed to travel on road to the airport. According to Taliban Spokesman, they wants to start peaceful ruling in the country and start a new thinking but most of the people did not believe it and they are leaving the home. This is the new challenges to new ruler.  

It seems that the new crisis is in Kabul Afghanistan due to leaving the people their own home of various part of country. Taliban wants to address this issue to restriction for movement to airport for Afgans. Mujahid said, “the doctors and academics of Afghanistan should not leave the country, they need to work in their own areas and that is needed for country. He also added that they should not go to others country.  

Mujahid shared that foreign embassies and aid agencies would remain open and work in the Afghanistan. He also added that the US will leave the Afghanistan as per the deadline. And US President Joe Biden also made clear that they will do evacuation by the deadline August 31, 2021.

Many educated people, particularly women, have fled the nation since the Taliban assumed power. Women were barred from working and attending schools and universities under the Taliban’s last reign.

Experts, however, remain skeptical of such promises, citing accusations of human rights violations and fears that the situation would worsen once the majority of the foreign community has left.

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