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Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya IPO Result – Check Now

The IPO allotment result of Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited can check now. It was published today at SBI Merchant Banking Limited, Hattisar, Kathmandu. As per the allotment of IPO result, a total of 36,859 applicants were received 10 units though lottery system with three luck applicants got 1 unit extra and the remaining 23,17,925 applicants have no shares in the IPO allotment result.

Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited were issued 3,93,750 units worth Rs 3.93 crore IPO for the general public from Shrawan 27 to Shrawan 31, 2078. 

According to the IPO of Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Check Result, among the total offered 3,93,750 units; a total of  5,469 units shares have been allotted for its’ employees which is 0.5% of total issues and the total of 19,688 units have been allotted for the mutual funds which is 5% of the total issues shares and the remaining total of 3,68,593 units shared were allocated for the general public.

According to issue manager Nepal SBI merchant banking, the Manushi Laghubitta IPO received a total of 2,95,74,750 units shared by 23,54,784 valid applicants which was oversubscribed by 80.23 times. As per the data, a total of 7,043 applicants who applied for 80,710 units shares were disqualified in this IPO due to various reason.

Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya IPO Result Details :

The IPO Issuing CompanyManushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited
Issue ManagerNepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited (NSMBL)
Security TypeCommon Stock -IPO
IPO Issued Date27th Shrawan 2078 to 31st Shrawan 2078
IPO Face ValueRs. 100
Total IPO Share3,93,750 units
The share allocated for Mutual Investment (5%)19,688 units
The Share allocated for employees (0.5%)5,469 units
Total Share for General Public  (94.5%)3,68,593 units
Total Applicants23,54,784
Total Applied Units2,64,36,270
Total Allotted Kitta368593 Kitta
Total Allottee36859 applicants

How to check the IPO Result allotment of Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya ?

Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya IPO Result
Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya IPO Result

You can check the IPO result with four way as suggestion below;

  1. Check manushi laghubitta Bittiya ipo result though http://meroshare.cdsc.com.np.
  2. Check Manushi Laghubitta IPO Result from Kaamkura
  3. Check IPO result through iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result
  4. Check Manushi Laghubitta IPO Result though Nepal SBI Mechant Banking IPO Result Page
  5. Check Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya IPO Result by Nepali Share app

Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited issues the total of 3,93,750 units worth Rs 3.93 crore as Initial Public Offering (IPO) to the general public. A total of the offered 3,93,750 units; a total of 5,469 units (0.5%) have been set aside for the employees of the company and 19,688 units (5%) have been set aside for the mutual funds. The remaining 3,68,593 units is only set for the general public.

After the issuance of 3,93,750 units worth Rs 3.93 crore IPO shares for the general public its paid-up capital reached to Rs 10.93 crore and the promoter and public ratio will be 64% of Promoter and 36% of public in the company.

To uplift economic and social livelihood of people in hills and mountain region through micro finance services.
To become every Rural Nepali’s banking partner by extending all types of micro financial services.
To uplift economic condition of deprived people by optimally mobilizing local resources and making participative development process through micro finance services related programs.

Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd (MLBSL) is a “D” class national level microfinance established on June 24, 2018 and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank on October 11, 2018. Manushi started the business on October 29, 2018. MLBSL is primarily engaged in providing microfinance loans in a group with minimum of five members at community.

The plan is fully guided by principles such as helping the poorest, supporting and empowering women, establishing financially self-sufficient institutions, and ensuring a positive and measurable impact on the lives of clients and their families. Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited focuses on opening up new project expansion and exhibition spaces among customers, and is committed to further promoting our activities, bringing sustainable development and mainstream development. Our plan supports the rural economy and contributes to the improvement of social security, women’s empowerment, early childhood education, health and hygiene.

 Compulsory Group Saving
 Personal Saving
 Centre Fund Saving
 Manushi Future Saving
 Sunaulo Future Saving
 Child Saving (Bal Bachat)
 Welfare Saving

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