Myadi Police Vacancy 2079 – Myadi Police 2079 vacancy online form

Myadi Police Vacancy 2079 was announced for the upcoming election in Nepal. Myadi Police Myadi Prahari job vacancy application has opened now. Myadi police 2079/80 vacancy Myadi Police 2079 vacancy online form, Myadi Police salary Myadi Police job 2078 2079 Update Myadi Prahari Job Vacancy 2079.

Myadi police vacancy 2078 79 advertisements are being prepared for the temporary police personnel to be recruited for the Pradesh & Union Sangh election security on Mangsir 4, 2079. For the local elections, 1,15,000 Myadi Police temporary personnel 74,000 police manpower, and about 1,500 vehicles will be deployed.

Around 225,000 security personnel including Nepal Police, Armed Police, and temporary personnel will be mobilized for the election 2079. The National Investigation Department and some of the army will also be deployed as required. The Ministry of Home Affairs has also stated that the security preparedness action plan required for the local elections has reached the final stage on the basis of security threats. All the preparations on behalf of the House have been completed now.

Myadi Police JOB Vacancy 2079 Update Details how to apply, Salary & Bonus of Myadi Police

Myadi Police Vacancy 2079
Myadi Police Vacancy 2079
  1. Vacancy Posts: Myadi Prahari Myadi Police
  2. JOB Vacancy Number: 1,15,0000 Nos. 1 Lakh 15 Thousand Myadi Police
  3. Application Date: Bhadra 30, 2079 to Ashwin 06, 2079 (10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm)
  4. Contact Date: 2079 Ashwin 07 at form fill up police office
  5. Salary Scale of Myadi Police: Around Nrs. 34,760/- salary as a police constable,
  6. Total Salary of 40 days: Nrs. 34,760/-
  7. Bonus Allowances: Clothing allowance Nrs 6,000/-
  8. Food Service: Nrs 7,200/-
  9. Other expense: Nrs. 1000 & Khaja 4 days x Nrs. 300
  10. Myadi Police Training: Training is done from one week to 10 days.
  11. Age Limit: At least 18 Years to 54 Years till the last date of registration of the application form.

Myadi Police 2079 vacancy online form – Myadi Police salary – Myadi Police Form

Myadi Police 2079 vacancy online form is not available. You need to go district police office to apply the Myadi Police. You will find there the Myadi Police form. You need to require documents with you’re your recent photo to apply the Myadi Police. You can see here the Myadi Police salary and others details in the notice.

Maintain a peaceful and secure society through effective prevention and investigation of crimes and enforcement of laws, upholding the highest standards of professionalism as guided by the principle of rule of law with respect for and observance of human rights.

Nepal Police is a non-military police service of Nepal. Its formal establishment took place in the month of Ashwin after the promulgation of the ‘Police Act’ of the year 2012.

The systematic mobilization of the police for peace and security work began in 1914. This year , Chandra Shamsher issued the first police question and entrusted the police with the responsibility of maintaining the peace and security of Birgunj . In August 1914, Chandra Shamsher agreed to send 8,000 troops to the British government immediately. During the reign of Chandra Shamsher till 1928, Chandra Shamsher issued various questions to establish Police Goshwara, Thana and Chowki in other districts of Terai . Towards the end of the year 1919 (year 1976 Paush), Chandra Shamsher issued a district-police inspector question for handing over the peace and security of Kathmandu Valley to the police. With this question, Kathmandu ValleyFor the sake of peace and security, one Sadar Police Goshwara, 6 police stations and 17 outposts were established at Hanuman Door, and out of 6 police stations, four police stations were established at Kshetrapati, Asan , Kalbhairav ​​and Jaisedeval and the remaining 2 police stations were established one each at Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The remaining outposts were established around the urban areas of the valley.

Myadi Police Job Vacancy
Myadi Police Job Vacancy

Nepal Police Vacancy 2078/79

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