Government launches Nagarik App to facilitate public service in Nepal

Kaamkura / The government of Nepal has launched a mobile application “Nagarik App” to make public service delivery speedy and effective in Nepal. On Friday, a press meet was organized by the government at Singha Durbar. Minister for communication and information Technology, Parbat Gurung  revealed the ‘Nagarik App’ which aims to make service delivery easy, transparent and effective. Nagarik App is help to digitalizing and integrating all government services in Nepal. 

Nagarik App

Currently, the Nagarik App is available in the beta version. “It will soon be available with additional features integrating all government services in a single app,” said by Minister Gurung at the event. 

Public is taking services in queues at all government offices which is not easy to take government services and corruption may promoted due to this difficult situation. After the app is working, this situation will change. This app is identified the person with citizenship number and mobile number. So, it is very easy to use.

According to Gurung, the citizens will be provided services online without the queues. He also added that the app will help citizens integrate their essential government documents into their mobile phones.

The government of Nepal is claimed that it is one of the national pride projects under the Digital Nepal Framework as per national plan.

The app will help to public and make responsible for government officers in Nepal. Government needs to make rules to provide services timely as per requested by people and need to services of transport office, land and revenue office. If it will happen, the corruption will be significantly decreased in Nepal. Hoping that the app will work fully and government working style will change as per new situation and demand. For the app succeed, government need to make effective monitoring mechanism and use fast server in the app.

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