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Nepal Oil Corporation Vacancy 2079 – Nepal Aayal Nigam Vacancy 2022

Nepal Oil Corporation Vacancy 2079 is published by Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) Limited. The Public Service Commission (PSC) is taken the written for this Nepal Aayal Nigam Vacancy 2022

Nepal Oil Corporation Limited will select the candidates through open competition. The eligible Nepali citizens can apply this Nepal Oil Corporation Vacancy through online at https://erecruitment.nepaloil.org.np within 21 days from the date of publication of this notice in Gorkhapatra. Nepal Aayal Nigam Vacancy 2022 detailed information is available on the website and below notice.

Details for applicants of Nepal Oil Corporation Vacancy 2079

You can find the details of Nepal Oil Corporation Vacancy 2079. You need to read carefully before applying.

  • Examination Center: the examination center for all the posts is in Kathmandu. The written examination for all posts will be taken by Public Service Commission. The written examination program will be published after receiving it from the Public Service Commission later on.
  • Age limit:  In case of levels 4 and 5, 18 years and not exceeding 35 years, and in case of levels 6 and 7, 21 years and not exceeding 35 years. But in the case of women and disabled candidates, the upper age limit should not exceed 40 years by the last date of application. However, there will be no age limit for permanent employees in the service posts of the corporation.
  • Examination fee for applying candidates:  Rs. 1,200 for Level 10, Rs. 1,000 for levels 8, 7, and 6, Rs. 400 for Tier 5, Rs. 300 for Tier 4, and Rs. 200 for Non-Category is the examination fee. But if applying for the same post in more than 1 Post Rs. 400, Rs. 200 for level 5, Rs.150 for Tier 4, and Rs. 100 additional exam fees will have to be paid.
  • Double Fees: The duration of double Fees will not be counted for the purpose of age, educational qualification, experience period, and other qualifications.
  • Should have acquired the prescribed educational qualification within the last date of application. Must have received a certificate or transcript from the institution or university that provides educational qualifications.
  • Candidates who have studied in foreign institutions should have their qualifications determined by the relevant authorities.
  • Attested certificates up to the required minimum educational qualification should be submitted along with the application.
  • For the posts of Technical Services, Engineering Group, Level 6 and above, the certificate of registration with the Engineering Council must be submitted.
  • According to Regulation 4.2 (10) of the Corporation’s Staff Administration Regulations, 2063 (with amendments), the employees who have once enjoyed the reservation facility in the service of the Corporation cannot get any reservation facility again. Also, the working employees have to self-declare whether they have/have not received the reservation facility.

Nepal Oil Corporation Syllabus

Nepal Oil Corporation Syllabus is needed to prepare and read materials. Thus, candidates can be downloaded the Nepal Oil Corporation Syllabus from the corporation’s website www.noc.org.np/syllabus.

How to apply for Nepal oil corporation limited vacancy 2079

Are you looking for an idea of how to apply for the Nepal oil corporation limited vacancy in 2079? Here is you find all steps.

1. You need to register first, then click on Apply where you have filled in the advertisement or click on Registration in the top-right corner of the screen.

A) Put Password must be at least 6 characters, including a Capital letter, a Symbol, and a Number.

B) You need to write in Captcha and Small letter as seen while keeping Captcha code and click on continue.

2. After this you will get a Login ID Since you have to use the same login ID even when applying for more than one advertisement and getting the admission card, you have to keep the login ID and password safe.

3. Click on Apply again

4. then fill in the available fields and submit the details The name and family details of the applicant must be written in Nepali Unicode.

5. After the above process, you will receive the Application Confirmation Slip mentioned in the examination fee The Application Confirmation Slip can also be downloaded or printed by logging into your portal and going to the Applied Vacancies tab.

6. After submitting the online application form, you have to submit the examination fee in accordance with the application number received through connectIPS or eSewa. Online application forms for non-deposit of the prescribed amount will not be considered as formal.

7. When paying for connectIPS or eSewa, you can re-login using your User Id and Password or click on View all vacancies. Payment can be made by clicking on the option you want to use.

8. As the examination fee and attached documents will be verified by the corporation, it will take some time.

9. Once submitted, the application form cannot be edited again If the prescribed examination fee is not paid, if the online application form is filled by submitting false details, or if the certificate is insufficient as per the details, the application form will be canceled automatically.

10. Information that the application has been rejected or accepted will be communicated via SMS (NTC / Ncell mobile number only). And the information can be viewed in a few days by logging in. Rejected applications can be corrected and re-submitted by the same login by the last day of the application.

11. In case of inclusion, when applying to a group other than women, it is mandatory to upload the certificate as specified in the advertisement notice.

12. The approval of the concerned office must be submitted if the qualified employee of any organization wants to be a candidate. Employees working permanently in this corporation will not be allowed to apply for the same level post.

If you have any problem applying the form, then you can contact 01-4262780 / 01-4263481 (Ext .: 293, 290, 232 Administration Branch or 206, 233 System Branch) during office hours.

Nepal Oil Corporation Vacancy 2079
Nepal Oil Corporation Vacancy 2079
Nepal Aayal Nigam Vacancy 2022

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC)

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) Limited was established in the year 2027 BS. The corporation is fully owned by the Government of Nepal. Oil Corporation is responsible for importing, transporting, storing and distributing petroleum products in the country. The central office of Nepal Oil Corporation is located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu, while regional and branch offices are located in five development areas. About 600 employees are currently working in the corporation, which has an authorized energy depot with a working storage capacity of 68,384 kiloliters.

Nepal is a landlocked country due to the border of Himalayan Tibet in the north and India in the east, west and south. Since Nepal does not produce any petroleum product and does not have its own processing plant, it is forced to depend entirely on imports. Nepal Oil Corporation is one such corporation which transports petroleum through 1893 tank trucks daily and distributes through more than 1563 private wholesalers. Due to the high demand of petroleum products and the increasing dependence of the products, Nepal Oil Corporation has added an additional challenge to facilitate the supply. Every year, the demand for petroleum products is increasing by 10 percent, and there is an opportunity to face the challenge of facilitating demand and supply management.

Petroleum products are contributing 15 percent of the total energy. Another reality is that we have to transport from the Haldia port of Calcutta, which is the closest from Nepal, i.e. 900 km away, and we have to depend on the provision of all the products from India. Oil is being imported and supplied in Nepal as per the five-year agreement with Indian Oil Corporation Limited on March 27, 2017. Petroleum products are supplied to Nepal from petroleum processing centers, terminals and depots in the eastern and northern regions of India. LPG Based on production and distribution requests, Indian Oil Corporation provides the supply to Nepal Oil Corporation from Haldia, Barauni, Mathura, Panipat. LPG The growing demand of Nepal Oil Corporation has become a matter of interest and concern. To meet its growing demand, an agreement has been signed between the Indian Oil Corporation and the Nepal Oil Corporation, due to which the two companies are discussing the proposed pipeline from Raxaul to Amlekhganj at various stages. In the same way, LPG on the Nepal-India border. Discussions and interactions are also going on at various stages about laying the pipeline.

The high level policy making and controlling body of Nepal Oil Corporation is the Steering Committee. The important person who bears the overall responsibility for management and implementation is the executive director who is also the member secretary of the Nepal Oil Corporation Board of Directors. However, the final authority to determine the price of petroleum products is vested in the Government of Nepal.

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