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Nepal Open University is only one of the open university in Nepal. It is helping the students who did not physically attend the campus for higher education.

Students can study online and give exam through online and it is certified by Government of Nepal.

Develop Nepal Open University into a leading higher education institution in the country providing higher education and training to mass people through open and distance mode in a competitively affordable fee structure.
By employing the innovative and effective modern technology to increase the access of education to all sectors, levels and class of people in imparting education and training according to the market needs to prepare them qualified and competent human resource with the spirit of co-existence and full of patriotism and consciousness and with the ability to use those qualities and competencies in work of social development inspiring with positive thinking and acting.


As its major objectives, NOU has committed itself to:

  1. provide opportunities of and access to academic, professional and research-based inclusive higher education in terms of place, time and pace of learning to those who are denied /deprived of accessing conventional higher education institutions for various reasons through conventional mode of learning;
  2. produce citizens with knowledge, skills, competencies in different disciplines/subjects prepared to contribute to sustainable development having spirit of co-existence using modern information technology in education through student-centered and problem based research oriented teaching learning opportunities in education and training;
  3. establish e-library, e-resources, museums/archives and laboratories for teaching, learning and research;
  4. impart quality, relevant and significant education by building an environment of collaboration and cooperation with national and international organizations;
  5. support the nation in ensuring life-long learning opportunities to all respecting the fundamental rights of people in getting education for their successful life;
  6. establish and ensure an environment for authentic learning of knowledge and competencies in collaboration with national and international organizations, industries, and business to the graduates through functional and real life experiences; and,
  7. develop and apply flexible entry requirements according to the principles of open education to mass people for higher education and training.

Nepal open university courses

Nepal Open University

Nepal open university courses are Faculty of Science Health & Technology, Faculty of Social Sciences & Education and Faculty of Management & Law.

Faculty of Science Health & Technology covers MPhil in ICT and Master in e-Governance.

Faculty of Social Sciences & Education covers Master In Philosophic (MPhil) in Economices, English, Sociology, Anthropology and Political Sciences and English Education, Mathamatic Education, Education Studies, Nepali Education and Health Education.

Similarly Master in MMCS and MES. Bachelor in BA and BED, Diploma in DLIM.

 Faculty of Management & Law covers Master in MBA, MSDMG and Bachelor in BBS and LLB.

MPhil in Nepal Open University

Are you looking to study MPhil in Nepal open university? If yes, You can study your MPhil by online in Nepal. You can attend each online class and pass the online exam.

Nepal open university fee structure

Nepal open university fee structure is as follows:

Faculty of Social Sciences & Education

Admission( One Time) 2000/-2000/-2000/-2000/-2000/-1000/-
Library Per Annual 1500/-1500/-1500/-1500/-1500/-1500/-
Name Registration 3000/-2500/-2500/-15002000/-1000/-
Tuition Fee per credit 3360/-1200/-1000/-600/-1000/-680/-
Additional Course 10080/-3600/-3000/-   
Semester Examination 3000/-2500/-3000/-1500/-2000/-1000/-

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