Online Driving License System – How to fill online driving license form

Online Driving License System is an easy online platform to apply for a driving license form. You can find a way how to fill online driving license form. If you get any challenges with online driving license Registration.

How to fill online driving license form

Are you looking for how to fill online driving license form ? Online driving license Registration is available now. Applicant Registration can follow the steps;

How to fill online driving license form
How to fill online driving license form
  1. Sign up for user name and password []
  2. Login from the applicant login
  3. Fill out the personal details form
  4. Fill in the address details
  5. Fill in the citizenship details
  6. Apply for driving license
  7. Receive the application’s reference number
  8. Visit the transport office to give the biometric

>>> Online driving license registration notice in Nepal

Apply for driving license

If you face any issues applying for a driving license, you can contact us to fill out the driving license. We will help you to fill new driving license Registration in Nepal. Driving license Registration is easy now.

Online Driving License System
Online Driving License System

Online driving license check in Nepal

Online driving license check in Nepal. You can find the print status of your driving license. So, it is easy to know about your driving license print status in Nepal.

Instructions for filling out the online application form and others

Quota Overview

You need to read carefully before submitting the application. Here are instructions for filling out the online application form and others.

1. Transport Management Offices / Transport Management Service Offices verify application details and take biometric of an applicant on every 4 days of a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday except public holiday) for New Driving License and Category Add. For this, an applicant has to register an online application against the office within each 16 days if quota of license category for the office is remaining by creating applicant account in the system at first. New application form will be opened for each 16th day from 7 AM and an applicant can apply the form online by 7 days and 24 hours till quota of license category is available. An applicant should not create more than one his/her applicant profile in the system.

2. Correct information along with applicant’s mobile number should be provided while filling up the online application form.

3. Original scanned copy of identity documents (citizenship, passport and license) must be uploaded.

4. If the office visit date for biometric and verification of details is missed, the application can be re-submitted only after 15 days from the missed biometric visit date.

5. The submitted form will be cancelled if the personal details like name, citizenship details, mobile no. and date of birth and license category(ies) for add category are found incorrect.

6. Age of an applicant for two wheelers (category A/K), small vehicles (category B) and other vehicles should be 16, 18 and 21 years respectively.

7. Click on quotas to see the details of assigned quota for each TMO / TMOs by clicking.

8. Click on license search to see Smart-Card Driving License of a vehicle driver.

9. An applicant can attend retrial exam maximum of three times within 90 days from the first trial failed date.

10. Applicants having license categories like D, E, F and G must take written exam, if want to add another category.

11. Carry original citizenship and original license (for add category) with you while visiting office for biometric, written and practical exams.

12. On the day of the practical examination, the candidates must wear shoes. Also, mobile phones are prohibited in written and practical examination centers.

13. Access license print check to check whether smart-card driving license is printed or not. 14. If there is any problem while filling the online form (except quota), please go to “Report a Problem” and send your problem. A screenshot should also be kept so that the problem is understood.

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