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Preeti to Unicode converter is the tools to convert Nepali Preeti font into unicode. Unicode is useful to share online. We can share the unicode front in any online places. Preeti to Unicode converter can use by everyone here in box.

Preeti to Unicode converter
Preeti to Unicode/Kaamkura

Why needs Preeti to Unicode Converter ?

We know that when we will use the Nepali font in online pages, it does not work. It is not readable for users. At that time, we need to convert Nepali font. Some of users are facing the problem to publish Nepali font in web pages. At that case, it will help to users.

This is the most popular tools in Nepal. If you are the new users, please visit the After that you will see the tool page, than you just click on the page. You will redirect the new page where you will see the result. There are two boxes. You need to paste the Nepali font in first box and the second box is for the result of unicode.

Why Preeti to Unicode converter is so important?

You well know about it’s important, so you are here. For new users, we will try it more in some words. In a Nepali digital market, we found preeti to Unicode sajilo, preeti to Unicode arthasarokar, preeti to Unicode setopati, nepalkhabar, merokalam and ashesh is very popular with users. We are using social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc where we want to share our opinion or view in our Nepali languages. At that time, we need to use this Preeti to Unicode converter. We can paste there Unicode font which is supported in internet for our language. Without preeti to Unicode, Nepali typing is not possible for internet, so it is very important to writing Nepali letters and share Nepali languages on social media and in the world wide.  Kaamkura is jobs posting, career development, investment and entertainment sites for users. You can find the preeti to Unicode converter in the home page of the site. When you will click on the tool, than new page will open in your browser, you will see two boxes. You can write or paste the preeti font in the upper first box and click on converter bar, than you will get Unicode font in second box. You can copy this Unicode and paste any social media or word file to save and use in future. You can also use it in your website.  In the case of mobile users, they can find it in three dot line. When they click on it, tool is visible and they can click on tool. The new typing page will open, than you can type preeti font and convert it into Unicode.

How to use ?

Many of users have question that how to use it ? Don’t worry, we will give more idea to use it. The easy way is type the Nepali font in the Microsoft word and copy it and past in the first box. Than click on the second box’s title. Than you can copy the font and paste it where you want.

This tool is developed by Ashesh. We want to give thank you for developing such good tool and make it public. Without his support, we can’t share here. This is great job. is the jobs vacancy website but we will provides and promote such tools and develop the festival wishes.

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