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Sasto Share – Buy Now

Sasto Share is the opportunity to buy more shares from the market. This situation comes in the down trade market. We update here the Sasto Share according to Graham Number. It also calls undervalued shares in the secondary market.

Sasto Share – Buy Now

The latest undervalue shares are as follows;

1LBLCommercial Banks191
2CZBILCommercial Banks192.3
3NCCBCommercial Banks192.6
4KBLCommercial Banks195
5SRBLCommercial Banks197.1
6PRVUCommercial Banks201
7MBLCommercial Banks217.5
8PCBLCommercial Banks227.9
9NMBCommercial Banks237.4
10SANIMACommercial Banks250
11NLOManufacturing And Processing262.8
12NBLCommercial Banks270
14SBLCommercial Banks300
15BNLManufacturing And Processing2178.7

The undervalued means that the share price is lower than the actual price according to company’s current situation. But it doesn’t mean that it is the lowest price of the share. Because we can get this share lower than the current price in the down trade market.

Sasto Share
Sasto Share

Fundamental signals for stocks in Nepal

We did not know that which company is strong without it’s fundamental analysis.

So, if you want to buy or sell on the basis of fundamental signals for any shares in Nepal. Then we will never lose in long term but if you want to trade any share then, you need to use technical analysis after the fundamental analysis is completed.

Here we are sharing the best idea to know about the shares.  If you want to buy or sell on the basis of fundamental signals, then you need to analyze the following indicators;


2. PB

3. PEG

4. ROE

5. ROA

6. Dividend Yield

7. LTP

8. Gramhan Number

9. Paid up Capital

10. EPS

11. Book Value

12. Sector

13. YOY Profit Growth Vs Sector

14. Debt to Equity

15. Payout ratio (%)

You can go auto result Fundamental signals from here and decided to buy and sell any share.

When to buy or sell stocks for beginners

When to buy or sell stocks for beginners. If you want to take buy or sell decision on the basis of technical analysis charts. Then you need to analyze the following technical chart as a minimum to buy or sell any shares.

  1. Super Trend
  2. Fisher Transform
  3. Ichimoku Cloud
  4. MACD
  5. RSI

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