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Multi-sector Nutrition Plan (MSNP) was developed by the Government of Nepal (GoN) in 2013 under the strategic leadership of the National Planning Commission (NPC) in collaboration with sectoral government agencies along with development partners (DPs) and other national stakeholders. It aims to improve the nutrition status of people with a focus on adolescent girls, pregnant women, lactating mothers, infants and children by reducing all forms of malnutrition. UNICEF is providing technical and financial support to the Government of Nepal for the implementation of the MSNP since its inception. Currently, MSNP is being implemented in 308 local levels of 30 districts. In coordination with NPC, MSNP is being implemented by local governments with guidance and support from Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) and sectoral ministries including; Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD), and Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens (MoWCSC). The collaboration among GoN, European Union (EU) and UNICEF has been crucial for scaling up MSNP during the first phase of Partnership for Improved Nutrition (PIN). EU has provided budgetary support to GoN to implement MSNP – II with complementary technical support fromUNICEF. UNICEF will be technically assisting all tiers of government. The financing agreement signed between GoN and the EU on 10 July 2020 also outlines UNICEF’s Technical Assistance for Program Support for the implementation and scale up of MSNP- II (2018-2022) in all 753 local levels. In the federal context, NPC and sectoral ministries and departments are responsible for developing plans and policies whereas local levels are primarily responsible for MSNP implementation.

UNICEF Jobs in Nepal

As envisioned by the MSNP, NNFSS was established in 2013 to provide secretarial and operational support to the HLNFSSC and the NNFSCC on multi-stakeholder coordination for nutrition and food security by establishing MSNP architecture at all 3 tiers of government and by bringing together all relevant government and non-government stakeholders. NNFSS also has responsibility for strengthening the Multi-sector Nutrition and Food Security Monitoring & Evaluation and Information System and NNFSS web-based portal. Similarly, NNFSS is providing technical support to three technical committees/groups formed under MSNP -II, SUN Networks and different platforms such as Academia Platform, Private Sector Platform, Media Network, etc in order to ensure effective information sharing and collaboration.

NPC is also the SUN movement focal agency and therefore has SUN related coordination and annual reporting obligations to the global SUN Movement Secretariat. Moreover, the SUN Government Focal Point has been serving as SUN Executive Committee Member. The human resource is needed to support the SUN Government Focal Point to meet those obligations in a timely manner and to contribute to coordination activities involving the in-country SUN networks and different platforms.

Terms of Reference (ToR) for Technical Assistance to UNICEF Partners National Nutrition and Food Security Secretariat (NNFSS) National Planning Commission (NPC), Kathmandu
Job Title:
Technical Assistance for Program Support(to be placed in National Nutrition and Food Security Secretariat (NNFSS), National Planning Commission, (NPC) Singhdarbar)

Duration: The duration of the contract is for 12 months.

Objective and Tasks:

The purpose of the assignment is to provide technical support to NNFSS/NPC in order to ensure effective implementation of MSNP -II (2018-2022). More specifically, the Program Associate will support NNFSS to prepare meetings of the HLNNFSSC, NNFSCC, thematic/TW groups, in updating Nepal Nutrition and Food Security Portal and support the SUN Government Focal Point to meet reporting and other programmatic requirements to the SUN Movement Secretariat.

The tasks are;

  • Assist NNFSS team, Division Chief of Good Governance and Social Development Division and Women, Children and Health Section of NPC in the planning, preparation and implementation of the decision of the meetings (High Level Nutrition and Food Security Steering Committee, Nutrition and Food Security Coordination Committee, and thematic groups) and follow up the progress.
  • Prepare invitation letter, program agenda and presentations for HLNNFSSC and NNFSCC meetings.
  • Support to NNFSS team, Division Chief of Good Governance and Social Development Division and Women, Children and Health Section of NPC to organize meetings among multi-sectoral stakeholders on nutrition and food systems and prepare invitation letters, agendas and presentations, record meeting notes.
  • Regularly update the Nutrition Food Security Secretariat Portal
  • Support to NNFSS team to develop and review nutrition related concept notes, program guidelines, and related documents of NPC/NNFSS and multi-sectoral stakeholders.
  • Support SUN Government Focal Point to review and provide input on SUN related documents and nutrition and food system related documents of SUN networks, multi -sectoral stakeholders and SUN Movement Secretariat.
  • Support documentation of MSNP implementation   and Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) related activities
  • Support to NNFSS team to collect and compile MSNP related data and information from sectoral ministries and departments
  • Assist NNFSS team in organizing meetings with SUN networks, prepare meeting minutes and reports and follow up.
  • Prepare briefing notes/concept notes for NNFSS team and SUN Government Focal Point for meeting and webinars organize by SUN Movement Secretariat on nutrition and food systems.
  • Support to NNFSS team and SUN Government Focal Point to review and provide inputs/feedback on the documents related to nutrition and food systems receive from SUN Movement Secretariat (SMS).
  • Prepare presentations, talking points and briefing notes for Hon’ble member of NPC and SUN Government Focal Point for the national and international meetings and conferences.
  • Support to NNFSS team to carry out SUN Joint Annual Assessment and preparation of report
  • Assist in preparing correspondence, meeting proceedings, minutes, and reports of   meetings, orientations and workshops organize by NPC /NNFSS
  • Assist in obtaining, extracting and compiling information related to nutrition initiatives from webs, workshop presentation, publications, and share with stakeholders
  • Assist NNFSS team and SUN Government Focal Point to organize meeting with SUN Networks and prepare at the central level assisting with the preparation and implementation of workshops and other events and any relevant follow up, where necessary and appropriate.
  • Assist Division Chief of Good Governance and Social Division and SUN Government Focal Point, who is also the member of the SUN Executive Committee in discharging his duties related to SUN Executive Committee member.
  • Coordinate and communicate the updating information with the health section of the NPC.
  • Facilitate in capacity development plan, orientation and training for implementation of MSNP-II
  • Facilitate in conducting advocacy meeting with private sectors, civil society organizations and IN/NGOs for MSNP strengthening,

Expected Qualification/Background and Experience:

  • A university degree in social science, humanities, management, education preferably in Food and Nutrition.
  • Minimum 2 years experience working on multi-sectoral nutrition programs and related nutrition program, preferably with prior experience working with NPC and related agencies
  • Experience in health and nutrition program/project, program development and management and experience in working with multiple stakeholders will be an asset
  • Having strong knowledge of federal governance and government working culture
  • Fluency in both English and Nepali language is required

Duty Station and Administration:

The Technical Assistance for Program Support to provide programme support will be deployed in NNFSS /NPC and stationed at NNFSS/NPC.

Initially, the contract will be issued for the duration of 12 months with three months of probation period.

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