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Tokyo Olympics 2021 Football Schedule

We listed here the Tokyo Olympics 2021 football schedule for your knowledge and information. We will up dated Olympic football schedule 2021 as per required. So, you can come this post for Tokyo Olympics 2021 football schedule.

Tokyo Olympics Football Final match

Are you looking for the Tokyo Olympics football final match ? If yes, Tokyo Olympics football final match schedule are as following table. You can find here the women and men Tokyo Olympics football final matches.

Men’s Football Final Match -Sat, 7 Aug

Start TimeLocationEvent
20:30International Stadium YokohamaMen’s Gold Medal Match
 #32Brazil Vs Spain
Men’s Football Final Match

Women’s Football Final Match -Fri, 6 Aug

Start TimeLocationEvent
18:00Olympic StadiumWomen’s Gold Medal Match
 #26Sweden Vs Canada
21:00Saitama StadiumMen’s Bronze Medal Match
 #31Mexico Vs Japan
Women’s Football Final Match

Women’s Bronze Medal Match -Th, 5 Aug

Start TimeLocationEvent
17:00Ibaraki Kashima StadiumWomen’s Bronze Medal Match
 #25Australia Vs United States
Women’s Bronze Medal Match

Tokyo Olympics Football Semifinal

Are you looking for Tokyo Olympics Football Semifinal schedule ? If yes, it is as following;

Football Semi Final -Mon, 2 Aug

Start TimeLocationEvent
17:00Ibaraki Kashima StadiumWomen’s Semi-final
 #24United States Vs Canada
20:00International Stadium YokohamaWomen’s Semi-final
 #23Australia VS Sweden
Football Women Semi Final

Football Semi Final -Mon, 3 Aug

Start TimeLocationEvent
17:00Ibaraki Kashima StadiumMen’s Semi-final
 #29Mexico Vs Brazil
20:00Saitama StadiumMen’s Semi-final
 #30Japan Vs Spain
Football Man Semi Final

Tokyo Olympics 2021 football schedule: Olympics 2021 football teams

The Olympics 2021 football teams play the game as per the following Tokyo Olympics 2021 football schedule;

Football Schedule & Results – 21 July

Start TimeLocationEventStatus
16:30Sapporo DomeWomen’s Group EFinished
GBR Great Britain2
CHI Chile0
17:00Miyagi StadiumWomen’s Group FFinished
CHN -China0
17:30Tokyo StadiumWomen’s Group GFinished
USA-United States0
19:30Sapporo DomeWomen’s Group EFinished
20:00Miyagi StadiumWomen’s Group FFinished
20:30Tokyo StadiumWomen’s Group G
NZL-New Zealand1

Olympic football schedule 2021 : 22 July

Start TimeLocationEventStatus
16:30Sapporo Dome#05
Men’s Group CEGY-Egypt Vs ESP-Spain
17:00Ibaraki Kashima Stadium#03
Men’s Group BNZL-New Zealand Vs KOR-Republic of Korea
17:00Tokyo Stadium#02
Men’s Group AMEX-Mexico Vs FRA-France
17:30International Stadium Yokohama#08
Men’s Group DCIV-Côte d’Ivoire Vs KSA-Saudi Arabia
19:30Sapporo Dome#06
Men’s Group CARG-Argentina Vs Aus-Australia
20:00Ibaraki Kashima Stadium#04
Men’s Group BHON-Honduras Vs ROU-Romania
20:00Tokyo Stadium#01
Men’s Group AJPN-Japan Vs RSA-South Africa
20:30International Stadium Yokohama#07
Men’s Group DBRA-Brazil Vs GER-Germany

Tokyo Olympics 2021 football matches : 24 July

Start TimeLocationEventStatus
16:30Sapporo DomeWomen’s Group E
Chile Vs Canada
17:00Miyagi StadiumWomen’s Group F
China Vs Zambia
17:30Saitama StadiumWomen’s Group G
Sweden Vs Australia
19:30Sapporo DomeWomen’s Group E
Japan Vs Great Britain
20:00Miyagi StadiumWomen’s Group F
Netherlands Vs Brazil
20:30Saitama StadiumWomen’s Group G
New Zealand Vs United States

Football Olympics 2021 : 25 July

Start TimeLocationEventStatus
16:30Sapporo DomeMen’s Group C
Egypt Vs Argentina
17:00Ibaraki Kashima StadiumMen’s Group B
New Zealand Vs Honduras
17:00Saitama StadiumMen’s Group A
France Vs South Africa
17:30International Stadium YokohamaMen’s Group D
Brazil Vs Côte d’Ivoire
19:30Sapporo DomeMen’s Group C
Australia Vs Spain
20:00Ibaraki Kashima StadiumMen’s Group B
Romania Vs Republic of Korea
20:00Saitama StadiumMen’s Group A
Japan Vs Mexico
20:30International Stadium YokohamaMen’s Group D
Saudi Arabia Vs Germany

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live games app

Tokyo Olympics 2021 football schedule : 27 July

Start TimeLocationEventStatus
17:00Ibaraki Kashima StadiumWomen’s Group G
United States Vs Australia
17:00Miyagi StadiumWomen’s Group G
New Zealand Vs Sweden
20:00Ibaraki Kashima StadiumWomen’s Group E
Canada Vs Great Britain
20:00Miyagi StadiumWomen’s Group E
Chile Vs Japan
20:30International Stadium YokohamaWomen’s Group F
Netherlands Vs China
20:30Saitama StadiumWomen’s Group F
Brazil Vs Zambia
Tokyo Olympics 2021 games App

Tokyo Olympics 2021 football matches : 28 July

Start TimeLocationEventStatus
17:00Miyagi StadiumMen’s Group D
Germany Vs Côte d’Ivoire
17:00Saitama StadiumMen’s Group D
Saudi Arabia Vs Brazil
17:30International Stadium YokohamaMen’s Group B
Republic of Korea Vs Honduras
17:30Sapporo DomeMen’s Group B
Romania Vs New Zealand
20:00Miyagi StadiumMen’s Group C
Australia Vs Egypt
20:00Saitama StadiumMen’s Group C
Spain Vs Argentina
20:30International Stadium YokohamaMen’s Group A
France Vs Japan
20:30Sapporo DomeMen’s Group A
South Africa Vs Mexico

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