Upper Lohare Hydropower IPO Result – How to check from IPO Result CDSC

Upper Lohore Hydropower IPO Result has published today (5:00 PM). The company has issued of its 19,53,279 unit IPO shares of Rs 100 face value from Shrawan 18 to Shrawan 22, 2080.

According to upper lohare hydropower ipo result from NIC Asia Capital, 10,50,196 applicants have applied for a total of 11,965,120 units. The IPO has oversubscribed by more than 6.13 times.

Upper lohore khola hydropower company ltd ipo result date is this week. The company had issued 509,804 unit shares worth Rs. 5.09 crores to the project-affected locals of Dailekh District out of which only 206,760 units or 40.55% were allotted to valid applicants. The remaining 303,044 units of unsubscribed shares of project-affected locals are added to 19,88,236 units to make a total of 22,91,280 units for the general public.

Upper Lohare Hydropower IPO Result

The IPO of 198,824 units has already been issued and allotted to Nepalese citizens working abroad, the total offered shares 99,412 units have been set reserved for the mutual funds while 39,765 units have been reserved for the employees of the company. The remaining 19,53,279 units are for the general public. You can check the IPO result from below result pages and app;

>>>  Apply from Mero Share

>>> IPO Result – Nepali Mero Share

>>> How to Apply IPO from Mero Share

>>> IPO Result Check Pro

NIC Asia Capital Limited is the issue manager for the IPO.

CRNL has assigned a ‘CARE-NP BB- (Is)’ rating to Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Company Limited (ULKH). This rating is considered to have a moderate risk of default regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations in Nepal.

Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Company Limited is a hydropower development company.The company was  incorporated as a private limited company on 2074/07/15 BS and was later converted into Public limited company on the 23 day of Ashadh, 2078 pursuant to Companies Act, 2006. The main objective of the company is to generate hydropower electricity through optimal use of water resources, which ultimately fulfills the demand of electricity of the country. The company is setting up small hydropower project namely Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Project having installed capacity of 4.00 MW in Dailekh District in Karnali Province of Nepal.Upper  Lohore Khola Hydropower Project will generate 21.22 GWh energy annually. The project area is located between 1055m and 1305m above mean sea level. The Head works, penstock alignment and the powerhouse area is located at left bank of the Upper Lohore Khola of Naumule Rural Municipality ward no. 3.

How to check upper lohare hydropower ipo result from ipo result cdsc

IPO Result CDSC COM NP is available to check upper lohare hydropower ipo result Now. You can also check your result from Result- Nepali Mero Share App.

You need to follow the steps below to find your result now;

  1. Go to Mero Share CDSC login
  2. Select your Bank or Capital where you opened your DEMAT Account
  3. Provide your user’s name and password
  4. Go to the my details tab and click on it
  5. Then Copy the 16 digit BOID number
  6. Open the IPO Result CDSC page
  7. Select the IPO company name
  8. Than paste the 16 digit BOID number
  9. And Click on view result button
  10. Your result will appear there.

How can I check my IPO result in Mero share app?

Are you looking for how can I check my IPO result in Mero share app ? If yes, follow the simple steps;

  • Open Meroshare portal, Click app.
  • Go to IPO result check page.
  • Select the Application Report tab.
  • Click on the Report button at the right side of the IPO share name applied.
  • Check the Status for IPO allotted or not.

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