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The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 25 Live

Maha Guru came back in the voice of Nepal season 3 episode 25 live on 9 July 2021. The episode is started with Maha Guru’s Deep Shestha. The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 25 live is very special show due to Maha Guru and voting opened for 12 contestants. We can vote them from Prabhu Pay App from worldwide and through SMS from Nepal.  

voice of Nepal season 3 episode 25 live

Voice of Nepal  Season 3 Live is popular reality show in Nepal.  Voice of Nepal  Season 3 is the viral program on Himalaya Television HD. This is created by John De Mol and directed by Laxman Paudyal. Mr. Norfa Jalil is the Global consultant for the show. It is the franchise show of  voice. The executive producer and host is Sushil Nepal.  Arjun Tiwari is the director of photography and online editor, Karan Raj Kari is music director on the show.  Miss Sadikchya Acharya is the hr head and line producer. Mr. Sohan Manandhar is the post production head, chief visual editor and colorist for the show.

The top 12 contestants list is as follows,

Team Deep:

  1. Aaryan Tamang
  2. Gobhin Pun
  3. Jenis Rai

Team Pramod:

  1. Kiran Gajmer
  2. Niharika Gyawali
  3. Ravi Gahatraj

Team Raju:

  1. Bijay Thadamagar
  2. Sonam Sherpa
  3. Tara Shrish

Team Trishna:

  1. Aphrita Khadki
  2. Jwala Rai
  3. Karnaraj Giri

How To Vote For YOUR Favorite Contestant : Voice of Nepal Season 3

Voting for voice contestants is easy and we can do it from everywhere you live now. You can SMS to 37000 with voting code. This is supported in NTC, NCELL and SmartCell. NTC landline and mobile user can deal on 16667708 to provide vote. Prabhu Pay App is online voting platform.

The voice of Nepal season 3 episode 25 live is presented by six contestants. The voting code of contestants are Aaryan Tamang (02), Tara Shrish (12), Jenis Rai (05) , Sonam Sherpa (11), Gobin Pun (04), Bijaya Thada Magar (03) and you can find others contestants code in Prabhu Pay app.

voice of Nepal season 3 episode 25 live
Aaryan Tamang at Voice of Nepal Season 3

The performer of the day is Aaryan Tamang from team Deep. The episode is increasing popularity due to go the voting rights with public from the episode.

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