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Cryptocurrency is alse called as crypto-currency, or crypto. It is a digital money with created value from market. It works as medium of exchange of goods and service at the market. It was stored in the ledger of individual account as computerized database with strong securety of transaction records. It is under control of individual owner. It does not exit in physical coins form but works well as paper money or simple coins. So, it is easy to use and demanding by the world in the future.

Libra Cryptocurrency Price
The Libra Cryptocurrency Price is increasing trend in the world. But still Libra is not the main payment instrument even it is the one of the ways to conduct transactions. Diem is known as Libra and it is a permissioned blockchain based payment system proposed by the American Social media company Facebook Inc. The plan is to introduce it but the currency and network do not yet exist.

The Libra Cryptocurrency Price is 0.04 USD in last year on 12 June 2020 but it is continuously increasing and Today’s price is 0.46 USD. So, in the future, it will be more increase if it will be operated in right way. Libra is the brand of currency but it is not a cryptocureency.

Facebook’s Libra crptocurrency was readying to launch to on January 2021 but it is not do till the date. The Libra Association is 27 members and if it will come than other currency may be less use in the market.

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