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Type in Nepali

Type in Nepali will help yo to typing Nepali letter which is mustly used in online platform. It useful tool for you to write in Nepali and share with all your friends and social media. You can take help to use Type in Nepali tools from below instruction. When you write the English letter in first box, you will see Nepali in second box.

© Nepali Unicode

I would like to share some tips to type in Nepali. This {} brackets work for English word in between the sentence. See below guideline;

1. yo {mobile} mero ho. = यो mobile मेरो हो

2. ta = त, Ta = ट, tha = थ, Tha = ठ, da = द, Da = ड, dha = ध, Dha = ढ, na = न, Na = ण, sha = श, Sha = ष.

3. Pratishatko = प्रतिशत्को, pratishat/ko = प्रतिशतको |शब्दको अन्त्यमा हलन्त राख्नको लागि backslash (\) अक्षर प्रयोग गर्नुहोस् ।

4. bas = बस, bas\ = बस् |Other special charactersri^ = रि (as in प्र)rr= र्‍ (as in गर्‍य) rri = ऋ rree = ॠ yna = ञ chha = छ ksha =क्ष gya =ज्ञ* = अनुस्वर** = चन्द्रबिन्दु om = ॐ

Other Words example:

  • namaskar = नमस्कार
  • dhanyawaad = धन्यवाद
  • sagarmatha = सगरमाथा
  • sambidhan = संविधान
  • sa\watantrataa = स्वतन्त्रता
  • Kathmandu = काठमाडौं
  • sa*bidhan = संबिधान (* = अनुस्वर)
  • nepali unicode = नेपाली युनिकोड
  • Mero desh Nepal ho = मेरो देश नेपाल हो।
  • pratishat/ko = प्रतिशतको (pratishatko = प्रतिशत्को)
  • nepali unicode = नेपाली युनिकोड
  • chamatkaar = चमत्कार
  • sa/mjh/naa = सम्झना (samjhnaa = सम्झ्ना)

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We hope that you will enjoy typing now. If you are facing any challenge with above tools, please let us know. We will try the best from our side.

Type in Nepali
Type in Nepali

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