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Initial public offering
An initial public offering ( IPO ) or stock launch is a public offering where shares of a company are sold to institutional investors and often also individuals investors. An IPO is usually held under underwriting by investment banks. During the free float, common shares are sold on the open market after the initial public offering. Although IPO offers many benefits, there are also serious costs involved, including legal and banking fees and the ongoing requirements to divulge important and sometimes sensitive information. Alternative method such as an Amsterdam auction has also been investigated and applied for several IPOs. Alternative methods such as.


S.NCompanyUnitsOpening DateClosing DateIssue ManagerStatus
1Samling Power Company Limited67890010/21/202110/25/2021Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited
2Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited900000010/5/202110/11/2021Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
3NYDI225000010/1/202110/5/2021Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
4Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro Power Co. Ltd.8000009/27/20219/30/2021Civil Capital Market LimitedClosed
5Sahas Urja Limited70000009/22/20219/26/2021NIBL Ace Capital LimitedClosed
6SPCL (Local)5000009/3/20219/17/2021Nepal SBI Merchant Banking LimitedClosed
7Terhathum Power Company Limited8000008/25/20218/29/2021NIBL Ace Capital LimitedClosed
8NYDI (Local)15000008/17/20218/31/2021Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
9BNHC (Local)4000008/16/20218/31/2021Civil Capital Market LimitedClosed
10MANUSHI3937508/11/20218/15/2021Nepal SBI Merchant Banking LimitedClosed
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