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Initial public offering
An initial public offering ( IPO ) or stock launch is a public offering where shares of a company are sold to institutional investors and often also individuals investors. An IPO is usually held under underwriting by investment banks. During the free float, common shares are sold on the open market after the initial public offering. Although IPO offers many benefits, there are also serious costs involved, including legal and banking fees and the ongoing requirements to divulge important and sometimes sensitive information. Alternative method such as an Amsterdam auction has also been investigated and applied for several IPOs. Alternative methods such as. You can apply IPO Now.


CompanyUnitsOpening DateClosing DateIssue ManagerStatus
EASTERN (Local)6200008/23/20229/6/2022NMB Capital LimitedOpen
SJCL (Local)36500008/21/20229/4/2022Citizen Investment TrustOpen
SRIJNSIL3937508/31/20229/4/2022Sunrise Capital Limited
KHAPTAD1320008/24/20228/28/2022Prabhu Capital LimitedOpen
PPL24674008/16/20228/21/2022Prabhu Capital LimitedClosed
SIKLES (Local)8500007/22/20228/21/2022BOK Capital Market LimitedClosed
DLBSL3092958/9/20228/14/2022Sunrise Capital LimitedClosed
AVIYAN9137508/3/20228/7/2022Muktinath Capital LimitedClosed
SAYAPATRI7210607/29/20228/2/2022NIBL Ace Capital LimitedClosed
MHL11760737/25/20227/28/2022BOK Capital Market LimitedClosed
RHPL (Local)68421006/27/20227/26/2022Siddhartha Capital LimitedClosed
SGHCL23895007/20/20227/24/2022Sanima Capital LimitedClosed
PPL (Local)6326006/22/20227/21/2022Prabhu Capital LimitedClosed
RAPTI23662407/13/20227/17/2022Siddhartha Capital LimitedClosed
UHHCL15000007/8/20227/13/2022NMB Capital LimitedClosed
SAYAPATRI (Local)3000006/16/20227/8/2022NIBL Ace Capital LimitedClosed
USHEL19575007/4/20227/7/2022NMB Capital LimitedClosed
MHL (Local)5880376/15/20227/6/2022BOK Capital Market LimitedClosed
HHL19682506/29/20227/3/2022Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
RAPTI (Local)6127936/7/20226/24/2022Siddhartha Capital LimitedClosed
ADLBSL670006/15/20226/20/2022BOK Capital Market LimitedClosed
SGHCL (Local)15930006/6/20226/20/2022Sanima Capital LimitedClosed
DKJCL21955096/9/20226/14/2022Siddhartha Capital LimitedClosed
BHDC15000006/3/20226/8/2022Sanima Capital LimitedClosed
UHHCL (Local)5000005/24/20226/7/2022NMB Capital LimitedClosed
HHL (Local)9000005/8/20226/6/2022Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
USHEL (Local)13500005/5/20226/3/2022NMB Capital LimitedClosed
DKJCL (Local)10542604/26/20225/19/2022Siddhartha Capital LimitedClosed
RFPL27300005/11/20225/18/2022Prabhu Capital LimitedClosed
BHDC (Local)10000004/24/20225/10/2022Sanima Capital LimitedClosed
RFPL (local)7000004/10/20224/24/2022Prabhu Capital LimitedClosed
CYC3953364/15/20224/19/2022Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
ULBSL2362504/8/20224/13/2022Nepal SBI Merchant Banking LimitedClosed
BALEPHI18279703/30/20224/4/2022Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
GREEN31250003/22/20223/25/2022Laxmi Capital Market LimitedClosed
BALEPHI (local)18279702/10/20223/10/2022Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
GREEN (local)31250002/14/20223/7/2022Laxmi Capital Market LimitedClosed
NSLBSL8287502/23/20222/27/2022Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
RULBSL8500002/16/20222/20/2022NIBL Ace Capital LimitedClosed
ENL5556002/9/20222/13/2022NIC Asia Capital LimitedClosed
JALPA5220002/4/20222/8/2022Prabhu Capital LimitedClosed
SPCL67890010/21/202110/25/2021Nepal SBI Merchant Banking LimitedClosed
MBKHCL900000010/5/202110/11/2021Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
NYDI225000010/1/202110/5/2021Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
BNHC8000009/27/20219/30/2021Civil Capital Market LimitedClosed
SAHAS70000009/22/20219/26/2021NIBL Ace Capital LimitedClosed
SPCL (Local)5000009/3/20219/17/2021Nepal SBI Merchant Banking LimitedClosed
NYDI (Local)15000008/17/20218/31/2021Global IME Capital LimitedClosed
BNHC (Local)4000008/16/20218/31/2021Civil Capital Market LimitedClosed
TPCL8000008/25/20218/29/2021NIBL Ace Capital LimitedClosed

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