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40k FAQ : Warhammer America

The 40k FAQ is the popular and viral FAQ for you. You are listed here the FAQ for visitors. The Warhammer 40k FAQ is also trending now.

40k FAQ
Where was Buddha born ?

Lumbini, Nepal

Where was Sita born ?

Janakpurdhan, Janakpur, Nepal

What is fundamental quantity ?

The quantity which are not dependable on other quantities are known as fundamental quantity.

What is measurement ?

The comparison of unknown quantity with known standard quantity is called measurement.

What is time ?

Time is the measurable period of event.

What is length ?

Length is the quantity dimension distance.

Is Nepal seperate country ?

Yes. It is seperate beautiful country in the world.

What is mass ?

Mass is the large body of matter with no definite shape.

What is physical quantities ?

The quantities which can be measured are known as physical quantities.

What are the importance of measurement ?

The importance of measurement are;
a) It is essential in buying and selling.
b) It is essential in scientific research and experiment.

Write the seventh SI unit of measurement ?

a) Time : Second
b) Electric current : Ampere
c) Mass : Kilogram
d) Amount of substance : Mole
e) Temperature : Kelvin
f) Length : Meter
g) Luminous intensity : Cadena

Where can find jobs vacancy ?

Kaamkura, online job portal, organization’s website.

What is the basic requirement to apply job vacancy ?

Cover letter or application and CV.

Who is the first prime minister of Nepal ?

Bhimsen Thapa

Which is the highest mountain in the world ?

Mt. Everest, Nepal

Where is the great wall ?


What is the old name of Kathmandu ?


What is the full form of IPO ?

Initial Public Offering

What is the full form of NEPSE ?

Nepal Stock Exchange

Full form of FPO

Follow on Public Offer

What is the full form of FTP ?

File Transfer Protocol 

What is the full form of HTTP ?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol 

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