Bhai Tika Sait and date 2078 (2021) this year – Tihar Wishes in Nepali

Bhai Tika Sait 2078 is 11:02 AM, on Saturday, November 6, 2021. Bhai Tika is one of the important day of Tihar Festival in Nepal. It is also celebrated as Dipawali, Laxmi Puja and Bhai Puja in the Vikram Samvat Hindu Calendar o the month of Kartika in the Shalivahan Shaka Calendar.

Bhai Tika Sait 2078
Bhai Tika Sait 2078

Tihar Wishes in Nepali Language-share with your friends

Tihar Wishes:- Tihar is the five day long Hindu Festival celebrate in Nepal and some others place in the world. It is also known as Deepawali and Yampanchak. The five days are introduced as Kag Tihar, Kukur Tihar, Gai Tihar, Goru Tihar and Bhai Tihar.

Happy Tihar ! we will share new Tihar wishes in Nepali Language here. This is new and hoping that you like must. We also share the Tihar wish card here. You can share it free in your facebook, twitter, blog, whatsapp and so on with our link.

Bhai Tika Sait 2078/2021
Date and timeBhai Tika Sait 2021
DateSaturday, November 6, 2021 (2078/07/20)
Time11:02 AM NST (Nepal Time)

When is Bhai Tika 2021 in Nepal

When is Bhai Tika 2021 in Nepal ? Are you looking for the Bhai Tika ? we share the date and calendar for Bhai Tika in below table;

Puja NameDate
Kag Tihar and Kukur TiharKarthik 17, 2078
Laxmi PoojaKarthik 18, 2078
Gobardhan PoojaKarthik 19, 2078
Bhai TikaKarthik 20, 2078
Tihar HolidayKarthik 21, 2078

Nepali Bhai Tika Sait 2078

Nepali Bhai Tika is the most important day of Tihar. At this day, sister provided Tika and gift with wishes to her brothers. The Tika is special colorful. It is the combination of seven colors and called as Saptarangi Tika in Nepali language.

Tihar Tika Sait is very important for this festival and according to Bhai Tika 2021 time, it is 11:02 AM.

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