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Brokers New TMS URL List-Online Trading in NEPSE

Brokers TMS url list for online trading in Nepal: TMS is the platform to change on-line percentage in Nepal. It is brought with the aid of using NEPSE. It will assist to agents to shop for and promote percentage via on-line. TMS is the url hyperlink for all active agents of Nepal. We will offer you right here they all url listing to your knowledge.

Before TMS commenced with the aid of using NEPSE, we want to go to the agents workplace to promote and purchase percentage from secondary market, however now, we will do it from our clever tele cell smart phone from our home. So, it is straightforward to character to on-line buying and selling in Nepal. This is the Brokers TMS url list for online trading in Nepal.

Brokers TMS url listing will assist you to get right of entry to your agents and doing on-line buying and selling.

Brokers New TMS URL List

S.N. Broker No Url
1 1 https://tms01.nepsetms.com.np
2 3 https://tms03.nepsetms.com.np
3 4 https://tms04.nepsetms.com.np
4 5 https://tms05.nepsetms.com.np
5 6 https://tms06.nepsetms.com.np
6 7 https://tms07.nepsetms.com.np
7 8 https://tms08.nepsetms.com.np
8 10 https://tms10.nepsetms.com.np
9 11 https://tms11.nepsetms.com.np
10 13 https://tms13.nepsetms.com.np
11 14 https://tms14.nepsetms.com.np
12 16 https://tms16.nepsetms.com.np
13 17 https://tms17.nepsetms.com.np
14 18 https://tms18.nepsetms.com.np
15 19 https://tms19.nepsetms.com.np
16 20 https://tms20.nepsetms.com.np
17 21 https://tms21.nepsetms.com.np
18 22 https://tms22.nepsetms.com.np
19 25 https://tms25.nepsetms.com.np
20 26 https://tms26.nepsetms.com.np
21 28 https://tms28.nepsetms.com.np
22 29 https://tms29.nepsetms.com.np
23 32 https://tms32.nepsetms.com.np
24 33 https://tms33.nepsetms.com.np
25 34 https://tms34.nepsetms.com.np
26 35 https://tms35.nepsetms.com.np
27 36 https://tms36.nepsetms.com.np
28 37 https://tms37.nepsetms.com.np
29 38 https://tms38.nepsetms.com.np
30 39 https://tms39.nepsetms.com.np
31 40 https://tms40.nepsetms.com.np
32 41 https://tms41.nepsetms.com.np
33 42 https://tms42.nepsetms.com.np
34 43 https://tms43.nepsetms.com.np
35 44 https://tms44.nepsetms.com.np
36 45 https://tms45.nepsetms.com.np
37 46 https://tms46.nepsetms.com.np
38 47 https://tms47.nepsetms.com.np
39 48 https://tms48.nepsetms.com.np
40 49 https://tms49.nepsetms.com.np
41 50 https://tms50.nepsetms.com.np
42 51 https://tms51.nepsetms.com.np
43 52 https://tms52.nepsetms.com.np
44 53 https://tms53.nepsetms.com.np
45 54 https://tms54.nepsetms.com.np
46 55 https://tms55.nepsetms.com.np
47 56 https://tms56.nepsetms.com.np
48 57 https://tms57.nepsetms.com.np
49 58 https://tms58.nepsetms.com.np
50 59 https://tms59.nepsetms.com.np

In NEPSE, there are a total of 50 brokers are listed. We need to open account through above TMS link to buy and sell shares in Nepal.

As per you suggestion, we added the list of licensed stock brokers contact in Nepal.

SNBroker No Broker’s List Contact PersonContact Number
18Ashutosh Brokerage & Securities (PVT) Ltd.4220276
27J.F. Securites (PVT) Ltd.4442912
36Agrawal Securities (PVT) Ltd.4424657
459Deevyaa Securities & Stock House Pvt. LtdRam Prasad Acharya01-4421488
558Naasa Securities Co. Ltd.Rajiv Lacoul01-4440384
657Aryatara Investment & SecuritiesGunnidhi Bhusal4233596
756Sri Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd.4437562
855Bhrikuti Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.4223466
954Sewa Securities Pvt. Ltd.4256642
1053Investment Management Nepal Pvt. Ltd.4256589
1152Sundhara Securities LimitedFanindra Dhakal01-4212215, 4260174
1251Oxford Securities Pvt. Ltd.9841382573
1350Cristal Kanchanjanga Securites Pvt. Ltd.Priya Raj Regmi9851026960
145Market Securities & Exchange (PVT) Ltd.4248973
1549Online Securities Pvt. Ltd.Dinesh Sharma Bidari14168298
1648Trishakti Securities Public LimitedTinka Prasad Gautam4232132
1747Neev Securities Pvt. Ltd.Baivab Sharma4470464
1846Kalika Securities Pvt. Ltd.Narendra Raj Sijapati4430601
1945Imperial Securities Company Pvt. Ltd.Bhakti Ram Ghimire4231004
2044Dynamic Money Managers Securities Pvt. Ltd.Madhu Joshi4414522
2143South Asian Bulls Pvt. Ltd.Prakesh Kumar Aggrawal4284785
2242Sani Securities Company Ltd.Santosh Paudel4401006
2341Linch Stock Market Ltd.Sarita Adhikari4784567
2440Creative Securities Pvt LtdRaman Dev Pant4168205
254Opal Securities Investment (PVT) Ltd.4239273
2639Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd.Jeevan Prasai4444740
2738Dipshikha Dhitopatra Karobar Co. Pvt Ltd.Dipak Raj Oli4102532
2837Swarna Laxmi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Dharm Raj Sapkota430534
2936Secured Securities Ltd.Santosh Mainali4168172
3035Kohinoor Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd.4442858
3134Vision Securities Pvt. LtdRaj Kumar Timilsina4770452
3233Dakshinkali Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd.Dinesh Raj Sapkota4168640
3332Premier Securities Company Ltd.4432700
343Arun Securities (PVT) Ltd.16916470
3529Trisul Securities & Invt. Ltd.4440709
3628Shree Krishna Securities Ltd.4224262
3726Asian Securities Private Ltd.4240609
3825Sweta Securities Private Limited4444791
3922Siprabi Securities Pvt. Ltd.5530701
4021Midas Stock Broking Company Private Limited4240089
4120Sipla Securities Private Limited4255782
4219Nepal Investment And Securities Trading Private Limited4495450
4318Sagarmatha Securities Private Limited4433221
4417ABC Securities Private Limited4230787
4516Primo Securities (PVT) Ltd.Megh Nath Upadhya4168214
4614Nepal Stock House (PVT) Ltd.4265888
4713Thrive Brokerage House Pvt. Ltd4419051
4811Malla & Malla Stock Broking Company Pvt. Limited4432088
4910Pragyan Securities (PVT) Ltd.16226890
501Kumari Securities Private Limited4423689

Brokers TMS url list for online trading in Nepal will help you to login tms38.nepsetms.com.np, tms36.nepsetms.com.np, tms34.nepsetms.com.np, tms51epsetms.com.np, tms22psetms.com.np, tms52nepsetms.com.np, tms57nepsetms.com.np, tms32.nepsetms.com.np, tms47nepsetms.com.np, tms16nepsetms.com.np, tms49nepsetms.com.np and Bokers TMS url list for online trading in Nepal is supported clients to login in tms. If you have any suggestion to us and on this article, Brokers TMS url list for online trading in Nepal always welcome you.

How to register on online NEPSE trading system ?

If you are new, no problem, you can open online NEPSE trading account after reading this article. It is easy and free of cost for all investors. Let’s start to follow the steps of online NEPSE trading account. You need to follow the following five steps to open tms login account in NEPSE through your brokers.

rokers TMS url list for online trading in Nepal

You need to provide your general information in first step where you need to write the client type, member branch, mobile number, Pan number and email. You need t choose individual for person, corporate for organization and mutual fund for funding manager. The PAN number is not complusary but if you have, write your PAN number, so all the tax contribution is added under your PAN. After clicking the next bottom, you will go in address details step. In this step, you need to write the country name, state, district, Municipality, Ward number and your Tole. Than click on next bottom to add your bank information. In this section, you need to put your share trading bank information. You provide the bank name, branch, account type and account number. If you have Global IME share trading or any others account, it will be helpful to payment and receive payment from market very Easily.

In the step 4, You need to put your BOID  number and click on next bottom for final step. In step 5, you need to upload your photo, citizenship certificate and PAN. PAN is not compulsory but please add if you have. Than click the submit bottom. You will get user id and password within three days from your brokers. Please contact them.

What You Need to Know Before You Start Nepse Online Trading in Nepal

Wedged between the two world monetary monsters of China and India, landlocked Nepal could turn into a future extension for exchange between the two nations. To exchange stocks on the NEPSE, you should be a resident of Nepal. The trade doesn’t allow unfamiliar financial backers to claim or exchange any traded on an open market stocks on organizations recorded.

In 2016, a draft bill of the Foreign Investment Act incorporated an arrangement that would let non-inhabitant Nepalese residents put resources into Nepal stocks through the optional market by buying portions of organizations recorded on the stock trade.

The NEPSE has oversight from the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), which likewise controls the protections business and organizations recorded on Nepal’s stock trade. The SEBON reports to the Nepal Ministry of Finance (MOF).

The NEPSE right now has 50 approved specialists that execute orders on the floor of the trade that works by means of a robotized exchanging framework called the NEPSE Automated Trading System (NATS). This product was completely executed in November of 2018 and is a full-screen robotized framework that backings a request driven market via consequently coordinating with purchase and sell orders.

The online NATS is as of now simply accessible to intermediaries, so you should open a record with an intermediary that approaches the framework to exchange Nepalese stocks. Stocks exchange all week long except for Saturdays and occasions that are proclaimed ahead of time. Exchanging hours run from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., however Friday’s exchanging meeting is saved for odd parts that comprise of exchanges little or surprising sums that are not products of 100 offer parcels.

Nepalese stockbrokers ought to be enrolled store members of the Central Depository System and Clearing Limited (CDSC). This goes about as Nepal’s focal stock store that permits a merchant to open dematerialized (demat) accounts, give dematerialization administrations and vow or un-promise protections. Demat accounts permit financial backers to hold stocks in an electronic structure.

What to Consider Before You Open an Account

Prior to opening a record with a Nepalese dealer to exchange stocks on the NEPSE, think about a few things. These things include:

Guideline and Exchange Membership

Specialists working together on the NEPSE should be enrolled individuals from the trade and directed by the SEBON. All monetary organizations in Nepal, including stock specialists, should be enrolled and controlled by the SEBON.

Exchanging Platform

Right now, the NEPSE’s NATS situation is simply accessible to trade enlisted agents, which implies you can just access the framework through your Nepalese dealer. Else, you’ll need the merchant’s site request passage structure or phone number to put exchanges and get affirmations.


Most full-administration intermediaries offer customers statistical surveying and other data brokers and financial backers find helpful. The NEPSE distributes research on stock issues exchanged on the trade, so Nepalese merchants will in general come up short on any striking examination contributions.

Commissions and Fees

In the event that you intend to be dynamic on the lookout, a representative’s bonuses could accumulate over the long run. Regardless of whether you exchange rarely, you will in any case profit by lower specialist commissions.

Client care

A decent client support division, mindful to customer needs, is a major in addition to when you select a dealer in Nepal. You ought to have the option to get in touch with them by telephone, email and talk.

Our Picks for the Best Stock Brokers in Nepal

Our picks underneath have oversight from the SEBON and are individuals from the NEPSE, except for the major U.S.- based stockbrokers, Interactive Brokers and Charles Schwab. The entirety of the Nepalese merchants beneath have their base in Kathmandu.

Best Overall: Naasa Securities

Naasa Securities

Exchange with the agent that addresses about 10% of the whole NEPSE market volume.


One of Nepal’s driving stockbrokers, Naasa Securities Company, Ltd. is an individual from the NEPSE and is authorized by the SEBON to exchange stocks. The representative’s business addresses generally 10% of the NEPSE’s complete market volume in 2016-2017.

Notwithstanding stock business on the NEPSE, Naasa is additionally an enlisted safe member of the CDSC.

A connection on the representative’s site takes you to the NEPSE information page, where you can get current market data since the specialist doesn’t give that itself, despite the fact that it distributes market news and occasions in Nepali on its site.

Naasa charges commission as indicated by the money related size of your request. For instance, an exchange of up to 2,500 Rs. costs a level 25 Rs., while exchanges over 2,500 R to 50,000 Rs cost 0.60% of the aggregate sum of the exchange.

The expense decreases to 0.40% on exchanges of 10,000,000 Rs. or on the other hand more. Client assistance can be reached through a structure on the agent’s site and by means of email and phone.

Best for Beginners: Aryatara Investment and Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Aryatara Investment and Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Aryatara Investment and Securities Pvt. Ltd. is an individual from NEPSE and completely authorized by SEBON.


Nepalese stock agents infrequently give instructive assets of any sort. In any case, Aryatara Investment made our rundown since it takes into account new brokers and stays mainstream with merchants in Nepal.

The agent is an individual from the NEPSE and is completely authorized by SEBON. Notwithstanding share broking, Aryatara is an enrolled safe member with the CDSC.

Aryatara doesn’t distribute its payments. All things being equal, it offers customers an offer mini-computer, where you input the quantity of offers and the cost of procurement or deal. The adding machine discloses to you how much commission is at that cost for the quantity of offers mentioned.

Stock requests are assumed control via telephone or through Aryatara’s site utilizing downloadable structures. Client care can be gotten to through email, phone and by actually visiting the intermediary at its workplaces in Kathmandu.

Best for Day Traders: Imperial Securities Company Pvt. Ltd.

Royal Securities Company Pvt. Ltd.

Get NEPSE stock news and data from Imperial Securities.


One of Nepal’s chief stockbrokers and abundance supervisors, Imperial Securities, is a full individual from the NEPSE and controlled by the SEBON. The specialist is an enrolled vault member with CDSC.

Royal states on its site that it gives an exchanging stage, however alongside a login to the Meroshare gateway for NEPSE IPOs, no other stage download was found.

Meroshare additionally gives NEPSE stock news and data and an instructional exercise for the NEPSE online stage. Extra exploration might be accessible straight by addressing an agent, albeit no online examination assets were generally accessible.

The agent’s bonuses are serious, which makes them appealing to informal investors, and expenses can be determined by an online offer mini-computer situated on its site. Client assistance is gotten to through a structure on the representative’s site, email, fax and phone.

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