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List of Merchant Bankers in Nepal

List of Merchant Bankers in Nepal
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Here is described the list of merchant bankers. It is also call capital market. When we want to open DMAT share account, the merchant bankers needed. Those bankers supported to open the DMAT account and managed the share portfolio. A merchant bank is historically a bank dealing in commercial loans and investment. In modern British usage it is the same as an investment bank. Merchant banks were the first modern banks and evolved from medieval merchants who traded in commodities, particularly cloth merchants.

What does merchant banker do?

Merchant bankers are in charge of the issue process. They act as intermediaries between the company and the investors. They are also responsible for preparing the prospectus and marketing the issue.

What are the qualities of a merchant banker?


Ability to analyse.
Abundant knowledge.
Ability to built up relationship.
Innovative approach.
Capital Market facilities.
Liaisoning ability.
Cooperation and friendliness.

List of Merchant Bankers

Aakash Capital Limited

Address: Thapathali, Kathamandu

Phone: (+977)-01-5111145

Email:            info.aakashcapital@gmail.com

Website: https://www.aakashcapital.com.np


Arks Capital Advisors Limited

Address: Central Business Park, Thapathali , Kathmandu

Phone: (+ 977)-1- 4101676

Email:            info@arkscapitaladvisors.com.np

Website: http://www.arkscapitalsdvisors.com


B.O.K. Capital Market Limited

Address: Kathmandu Plaza,"Y" Block,2nd Floor Kamladi, Kathmandu

Phone: (+977)-01-4168634, 4168639

Email:            ajayghimire@bokcapital.com.np

Website: http://www.kcml.com.np


CBIL Capital Limited

Address:       Batule Ghar, Dillibazar – 33, Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

Phone:          (+977) 01- 4417723 , 4417457 , 4418526 , 4421235

Email:            info@cbilcapital.com

Website:        http://cbilcapital.com


Century Capital Markets Ltd.

Address:       Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+977)-01-4168698, 4168699

Email:            centurycapitalmarkets@gmail.com


Citizen Investment Trust

Address:       New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+ 977)-1- 4785319, 4785321

Email:            cit_cmkt@nlk.org.np

Website:        https://nlk.org.np/


Civil Capital Market Limited

Address:       CTC MALL ( Civil Trade Center) 6th Floor, Sundhara, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+ 977)-1-4262303, 4261251, 4259437

Email:            ccm@civilcapital.com.np

Website:        http://www.civilcapitalmarket.com


Global IME Capital Limited

Address:       3rd Floor, Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone:          +977-01-4261178, 4222460

Email:            info@gicl.com.np

Website:        https://www.globalimecapital.com/


Himalayan Capital Ltd

Address:       Thamel, Kathmandu

Phone:          014259345

Email:            info@himalayancapital.com

Contact Person Details

Name: Subekshya Gautam


Kumari Capital Limited

Address:       Naxal, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+977)-1-415173, 4445500

Email:            kumaricapital@kumaribank.com

Contact Person Details

Name: Kaji Thebe


Phone: 01-4445495


Laxmi Capital Market Limited

Address:       New Baneswor, Nepal

Phone:          (+977)-01-4780222, 4781582

Email:            info@laxmicapital.com.np

Website:        https://www.laxmicapital.com.np


Machhapuchhre Kriti Capital Ltd

Address:       Jamal, Katmandu

Phone:          (+977)-01-4266325

Email:            mcl@machcapital.com.np

Contact Person Details

Name: Shankar Rajwahak


Mega Capital Markets Ltd

Address:       Saket Complex, Tripureshwar, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+977) 01-4262772, 4262775, 4262790, 4262812

Email:            info@megacapitalmarkets.com

Contact Person Details

Name: Sulav Shrestha

Muktinath Capital Limited

Address:       Hattishar Sadak, Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+977)-01-5111172, 5111174 , 5111159

Email:            info@muktinathcapital.com

Website:        http://www.muktinathcapital.com


Nabil Investment bank Limited

Address:       3rd Floor, Central Plaza Narayanchaur, Naxal, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+977)-01-4411604, 4411733

Email:            info@nabilinvest.com.np

Website:        https://www.nabilinvest.com.np


National Merchant Banker Limited

Address:       Kathmandu -30, Gurju Margh, Dillibazar

Phone:          (+977)-01-4430746, 4415856

Email:            info@nmbl.com.np

Website:        https://nmbl.com.np


Nepal Bangladesh Capital Ltd

Address:       Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+977)-1-4233780, 42337813

Email:            nbcapital.hr@gmail.com

Website:        http://www.nbbl.com.np


Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited

Address:       Hattishar, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+977)-01-4412743

Email:            admin@nsmbl.com.np

Website:        https://www.nsmbl.com.np


NIBL ACE Capital Limited

Address:       Lazimpat Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone:          (+977)-1-4005157, 4425280 , 4419421, 4005068

Email:            info@niblcapital.com

Website:        https://niblcapital.com


NIC ASIA Capital Limited

Address:       3rd Floor, Siddhartha Insurance Complex Babarmahal, Kathmandu

Phone:          (+977)-01-5705994, 5705664, 5706318, 5705337

Email:            info@nicasiacapital.com

Website:        https://www.nicasiacapital.com

NMB Capital Limited

Address:       Nagpokhari-1, Naxal Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone:          (+977)-01-4437963

Email:            info@nmbcl.com.np

Website:        http://www.nmbcl.com.np


Prabhu Capital Limited

Address:       Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone:          (+977) -1-4222939, 4221946, 4221952, 4222987, 4223539

Email:            info@prabhucapital.com

Website:        http://www.prabhucapital.com


Provident Merchant Banking Limited

Address:       Pepsi cola, Kathmandu Metropolitan City-35

Phone:          (+977) 01-5147097, 4993450

Email:            info@provident.com.np

Website:        http://www.provident.com.np


RBB Merchant Banking Limited

Address:       Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone:          (+977)-01-4243265, 4240932, 4240933

Email:            rbbmbl@rbbmbl.com.np

Website:        http://www.rbbmbl.com.np


Sampanna Capital and Advisors Nepal

Address:       Baneshwor

Phone:          01-4782847

Email:            info@scan.com

Website:        http://www.sampannacapital.com


Sanima Capital Limited

Address:       Narayanchaur, Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone:          (+977)-01-4428956

Email:            sanimacapital@sanimabank.com

Website:        https://www.sanima.capital


Siddhartha Capital Limited

Address:       Narayanchaur, Naxal Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone:          (+977)-1- 4420924, 4420925, 4421279, 4420598

Email:            scl@siddharthacapital.com

Website:        http://www.siddharthacapital.com

Sunrise Capital Limited

Address:       Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu, PO Box 12055

Phone:          (+977) 01-4428550 , 4428660

Email:            info@sunrisecapital.com.np

Website:        http://www.sunrisecapital.com.np


Wealth Management And Merchant Banking Limited

Address:       Maitidevi complex, Maitidevi, Kathmandu-32

Phone:          (+977)- 01-4418664, 4416504

Email:            info@wealth.com.np

Website:        https://www.wealth.com.np

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