Chukul App – How to Chukul app download on Android and iPhone

Chukul app is available for Android and iPhone. You can download and use with “Kaamkura30” coupon code get discount in current price. You will get discount from 20% now and it depends on time and offers.

How to Chukul app download on Android ?

Chukul app

Are you looking for how to chukul app download on android ? you can find the steps here;

  1. Visit the paly store
  2. Search as Pi tech or Chukul NEPSE app
  3. Click on download bottom
  4. Install the app and enjoy it.
  5. Use “KAAMKURA30” as promo code to get discount

Download Chukul app for iPhone


Are you looking for a Download Chukul app for iPhone? You are in the right place. You can download from the following steps;

  1. Go to the iPhone and iPad app store
  2. Search as  “Meroworth” app
  3. Download Meroworth app
  4. This is a Chukul app that you can enjoy on iPhone and iPad.
  5. Use “KAAMKURA30” as promo code to get discount

Meroworth application, designed to keep track of your latest worth by automatic calculation. Meroworth provides the support to manage your Demat, bank accounts, real estate, and commodity profile. It gives the accurate value of your investment and the return back from an investment.

Chukul is the popular to get AI based buy and sell decision information for investors in Nepal. You can watch the free Chukul NEPSE chart on both apps store and website. It is useful to use indicators, trend line and Accumulation Distribution status of each stock.

If you subscribe to it with “KAAMKURA30” promo code, you can get more valuable information to take decision in Nepali Share market that will lead to success in your trending and investment. You will get to Buy/Sell Signal Zone, My Signals,Daily Signal, Weekly Signal and Level Alert. You can use an AI-based backtest so that analytical information will be provided in minutes as per your requirement. Chukul is recommended for a 70% success rate now. If you will use it with your strategy, It may increase by 95% in an average.

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