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Craigslist Olympic Peninsula

Craigslist Olympic Peninsula is the beautiful place to visit in United States. The Olympic Peninsula is located in western Washington. It lies across Puget Sound from Seattle, and contains Olympic National Park. It faces the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Juan de Fuca Strait to the north, and the Hood Canal to the east. Cape Arava, the westernmost point of the continental United States, and Cape Fratelli, the westernmost point of the continental United States, are located on the peninsula. The Olympic Peninsula covers an area of ​​approximately 9,300 square kilometers (3,600 square miles), which contains many of the last undeveloped areas of the continental United States. It remained in an unknown state until Arthur Dod and Theodore Rixon mapped most of its terrain and timber resources from 1898 to 1900.

The Olympic Peninsula is home to temperate rainforests, including Cocoa, Quez Rainforest and Quinault Rainforest. The vegetation of the tropical rain forest is mainly concentrated in the western part of the peninsula. The inner mountain range produces a rain shadow effect in the northeastern region, resulting in a drier climate in these places.

The major rivers with salmon on the Olympic Peninsula clockwise from the southwest include the Humptulips, Quinault, Queets, Quillayute, Bogachiel, Sol Duc, Lyre, Elwha (see Restoring Elwha Ecosystem), Dungeness, Dosewallips, Hamma Hamma, Skokomish, and Wynoochee. The natural lakes on Peninsula include Crescent Lake, Ozette Lake, Sutherland Lake, Quinault Lake, and Pleasant Lake. Two rivers of dams form the Lake Cushman and Lake Wynoch reservoirs; the two reservoirs that were destroyed in the restoration of the Elwha ecosystem are Lake Aldwell (behind the old Elwha Dam) and Lake Mills (in the old Glines Canyon) behind the dam).

Peninsula contains many state parks and national parks, including Lake Anderson, Bogacher, Dos Valley, Fort Flagler, Fort Worten, Cushman Lake, Mystic Bay, Old Townsend, Potlatch, Sequim Bay, Shine Tidelands, and Triton Cove state parks; Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest. In the Olympic National Forest, there are five designated wilderness areas: Brothers, Buckhorn, Colonel Bob, and Mountain. Skokomish and Miracle Mountain. Just off the west coast is the Wilderness of the Washington Islands.

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