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CTEVT Scholarship Form 2078/79

CTEVT Scholarship Form 2078/79 announces for the interested students. You can find here the CTEVT Scholarship form 2078 and application process andyou’re a lot of queries answer with way forward that will help you get the scholarship for your certified skill development in Nepal.

CTEVT Scholarship Notice 2078 is published by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. Interested applicant can fill form for selection of Diploma and Certificate Level Classified Scholarship now.

CTEVT Scholarship Form 2078/79
CTEVT Scholarship Form 2078/79

CTEVT Scholarship Form 2078/79 Scholarships and Quotas

CTEVT provides three categories of Scholarship which is as follows;

1. Classified Scholarship

This scholarship is supplied to the hard-up college students amongst Community/Government Schools, women, dalit, ethnic group, martyrs, former Kamaiya (poorly paid tenant), Haliaya (poorly paid plough man), Conflict Victims and deprived businesses of people. Province smart programs are accrued thru decided on institute and provincial workplace and Entrance examination is conducted. Merits college students on every class are allotted institute to look at via way of means of CTEVT on connection with their programs on preference of the institute. Each institute is susceptible to find the money for labeled scholarship to 2 college students for applications with overall quota 30, 3 college students for applications with quota forty and 4 college students for the applications with quota 48 . Total seats are first calculate all through the Province and divided via way of means of the percentage.

2. Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is supplied to 1 great appearing scholar in every application of the doorway examination from amongst all of the competition who fills the shape as complete price payers withinside the respective faculty and college. This applies for the primary 12 months admission, while for the scholarship of 2nd and 1/3 years, the end result of preceding 12 months / semester may be taken into consideration as the idea for scholarship.

3. Special Program

This is a annual application wherein the five hundred college students are decided on from the Dalit, Musalman, Marginalized, and Remote Places thru seperate front method and sophistication are performed on predefined institute, Students general prices are waived together with hostel and fooding facilities.

CTEVT Scholarship Notice 2078

CTEVT Scholarship Notice 2078 has been published for scholarship. You can find CTEVT scholarship notice at www ctevt org np notice 2078 form. Here is the list of program to apply the scholarship.

  1. Certificate Level General Medicine (HA)
  2. Certificate level diagnostic radiography
  3. Certificate level General Ayurvedic Medicine
  4. Certificate level ophthalmic science
  5. Certificate Folding Medical Lab Technology (CMLT)
  6. Certificate Level Dental Science
  7. Certificate level acupuncture
  8. Diploma in Pharmacy
  9. Certificate level physiotherapy
  10. Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy
  11. Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  12. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  13. Diploma in Geometry Engineering
  14. Diploma in Architectural Engineering
  15. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  16. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  17. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  18. Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering
  19. Diploma in Automobile Engineering
  20. Diploma in Information Technology (IT)
  21. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  22. Diploma in Ref and AC Engineering
  23. Diploma in Hydropower Engineering post
  24. Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)
  25. Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science)
  26. Diploma in Food and Dairy Technology
  27. Diploma in Forestry
  28. Diploma in Hotel Management
  29. Social worker

CTEVT Special Scholarship Notice 2078 PDF

Are you looking for the CTEVT Special Scholarship Notice 2078 PDF ? If yes, you can see and download the CTEVT Special Scholarship Notice 2078 PDF by click the notice 2078.You see the scholarship detail in the PDF file.

How to apply CTEVT scholarship

Interested eligible applicants can admit in the classified scholarship quota in the affiliate, partnership, tax, and private educational institutions approved by CTEVT.

They can fill the CTEVT special scholarship form 207879 only in one program of any one province in the country. You need to follow the following steps to fill the application form;

  1. Go to the CTEVT Scholarship official website https://scholarship.ctevt.org.np/
  2. Read the eligibility criteria
  3. Select the application type  (a) Diploma/PCL-Classified or (b) Pre-Diploma(TSLC)-Classified
  4. Click on existing users
  5. Fill the form and make payment
  6. Submit the form

What are the minimum requirements for admission for Diploma/Certificate program?

You need to meet the minimum requirement to admit for Diploma/Certificate program in the CTEVT. Here, we share the minimum qualification for the courses;

  1. If you want to admit for Health Programs, you should have GPA – 2 with C in Math, English and Science.
  2. If you want to admit for Engineering Programs, you should have minimum C in Math and Science and D+ in English on SEE or GPA – 1.6 with on SEE in Technical Stream in related program.
  3. If you want to admit for Agriculture/Food and Dairy/Forestry Programs, you should have minimum C in  any two subject among Math, Science and English and D+ in any one or GPA – 1.6 with on SEE in Technical Stream in related program
  4. If you want to admit for Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship Development and Social Work, you should have D+ is Math, English and Science.

New Salary Scale of Nepal Government 2078/79

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