First love late spring lyrics

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first love late spring lyrics

The black hole
Of the
Where you sleep

The night breeze
Something sweet
A peach tree

Wild women don’t get the blues
But I find that
Lately I’ve been crying like a
Tall child

So please hurry leave me
I can’t breathe
Please don’t say you love me

One word from you and I would
Jump off of this
Ledge I’m on

Tell me “don’t”
So I can
Crawl back in

And I was so young
When I behaved
Twenty five

Yet now I find
I’ve grown into
A tall child

And I don’t wanna go home yet
Let me walk to the top of the big night sky

Please hurry leave me
I can’t breathe …

I am feeling happy and luck to reading above love lyrics. Hoping that you are also feeling the same. Everyone wants to love and it is nature things for human and others animal in the world. But everyone has special when it happened in the first time of life. Really it is fantastic and remarkable in life. Are you remember your first love ? What is the different it with above lyrics ? Do you want to share with us your first love ? We are here for you if you wants to share with us. You can write your story and share with comments. If your story of love is catchy then we will post in next new article. Don’t late to write note of your first love story and describes the things happening with you and feeling with you. You are the hero of us and you can share your first love story with your beautiful photographs.

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