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Narayani development bank right share – How to apply

Narayani development bank right share opened for shareholders today. Narayani Development Bank Limited (NABBC) is issuing its 1:1 rights share. Narayani Development Bank right share book close date is  27th Poush 2078. According to Narayani development bank’s right share notice, a total of 13,12,338 units of shares will be issued at a par value of Rs. 100 per share. The 19th AGM of the company held on Magh 16, 2077 had endorsed the proposal to issue 1: 1 right share.

On a paid-up capital of Rs. 13,12,33,800, the right shares were to be issued. The development bank was given license to issue the appropriate shares in a 1: 1 ratio alone, according to a letter sent by the central bank on Jestha 20, 2078. In comparison to the company’s expectation of tripling paid-up capital, this will only double it.

ICRA Nepal has given the issuer a C+ rating, indicating a very high risk of default when it comes to meeting financial commitments on time. In the range of “AA” to “C+,” this is the lowest grade ICRA Nepal could award. The issue manager for the rights offering has been named Global IME Capital. Shareholders who held shares prior to Mangsir 24 are eligible to participate in the rights offering. NABBC has a closing price of Rs. 466 as of this writing.

How to apply Narayani development bank right share ?

Narayani development bank right share
Narayani development bank right share

You can apply for 100% confirm for allotted Narayani development bank right share from meroshare cdsc com np login page;

Step 1: Open the https://meroshare.cdsc.com.np/#/login

Step 2: Go to the My Asba from Menu

Step 3. See on Apply for Issue page

Step 4. Click on the apply button

Step 5. Provide the required information

Step 6. Submit the application for the company right share. Note: Right Share can only apply who had already been the company share. It did not apply by other public.  

Narayani Development Bank Limited was initially operated its transactions from 28th September, 2001 District level “B” class license financial institution with the name of Narayani Audhogik Bikas Bank Limited. and was renamed to Narayani Development Bank Limited. The bank was established with the aim of to providing best services to the customer and to be their first choice. The bank corporate office is located in Ratnanagar-1, Tandi, Chitawn. The bank has three braches Tandi, Bharatpur Hospital and Yagyanpuri Cancer Hospital respectively. As per the need of our valued customers bank will expansion its services to other places under the rules and regulation of the Nepal Rastra Bank.Narayani Development Bank provides customer-focused financial services to its valued customers in a very friendly environment. Narayani Development Bank Ltd. is equipped with a team of competent and dedicated management professionals, strong IT infrastructure and systems, wider and deeper connections in the market, We now stand as a very modern & efficient financial institution.

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