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Ratopati is the best online newspaper. You can find ratopati news Nepali and English versions. Ratopati khabar is the popular online news paper of Nepal and it is popular all over the world. Here we review it’s popularity and news section.

Ratopati com

Ratopati com is the domain name of this online news. www ratopati com is complete package of current news of the world. A total of 90 % newspapers readers read the ratopati com daily. According to the short survey, it is the most like online newspaper in Nepal and in the world. We share here the Ratopati online khabar details according to newspaper official sites;

The first step in reflection


Due to the unprecedented development in the field of communication technology, the whole world has become like a small village at present. During the development of journalism, media such as weekly or daily newspapers, radio and television had their own contribution.

But now, online news portals that represent all these means of communication together, and have the qualities of all of them together, have proven to be the main means of mainstream communication. Ratopati.com, operated by Discovery News Network, started its journey in the midst of this latest development of media.

Version in two languages

– What is happening in Nepal and what is happening in other parts of the world? Ratopati dotcom has been providing services in two versions of Nepali and English language so that everyone can read, know and think about news and ideas from all over the world.

By doing this, Ratopati dotcom is popular among Nepalis spread all over the world, English speakers who do not understand Nepali language but want to understand Nepal have also benefited.

-Ratopati.com has launched online news television in Nepali language, which is the first of its kind in Nepal.

Three pillars

-Ratopati Dotcom is a reliable witness of the times. It keeps an accurate record of the present moment through digital letters, sounds and visuals.

– Focusing on national political, social and economic issues, Ratopati.com publishes content related to science, technology, cultural activities, lifestyle, health, sports and entertainment, as well as news from the Nepali ‘diaspora’ spread around the world and international news. They are always factual, balanced and reliable.

– Due to the unwavering support, support and love of reliable news sources, learned writers, generous advertisers and well-wishers, Ratopati.com has succeeded in becoming a prestigious communication institution.

Be careful about four things

Journalism is called the literature of haste, on top of that, online news portals must be ‘updated’ immediately, even in such a situation, Ratopati.com –

Basic values ​​of journalism

journalistic code of conduct,

Prevailing laws and

It is always aware and fully committed to complying with the constitution.

Five vows

– Question is the main weapon of journalism. We are also inquisitive and by asking questions we look for clear answers to what, where, when, why, how and what kind of events and topics.

– Because of professional dignity and integrity, we say that whatever is, is what it is. We give a red tika of good luck to those who want to do good work. We will wear the red ribbon of victory to those who successfully complete the good work. Yes, if someone does a bad thing or if there are bad incidents in the society, we will put a red mark without any hesitation. In other words, we do not say bad is good and good is bad because of any temptation or bias.

– We belong to everyone, but we give priority to the concerns of workers, farmers, backward areas, classes and marginalized communities, i.e. the voices of the voiceless.

– We belong to everyone, but we give priority to the concerns of workers, farmers, backward areas, classes and marginalized communities, i.e. the voices of the voiceless.

– By continuously monitoring the activities of the private sector, we must try to protect the poor from the excesses of profiteers, middlemen and the poor.

Goal is

– In exchange for the decades of struggle of the Nepali people and the sacrifice of thousands of the best children of Mother Nepal, we have got a federal democratic republic. Protecting this epochal change, it will guard the welfare of Nepali people round the clock.

– Will continue to be devoted to the defense of Nepal’s freedom, sovereignty, geographical integrity, independence and self-respect.

 – The supremacy of the constitution, inclusive and proportional democracy, independent judiciary, good governance, freedom of press and expression, fundamental rights and rights of citizens will be kept inviolable.

– Promote regional, ethnic and religious harmony to maintain national unity and increase brotherhood among citizens.

 -Equity distribution of resources and economic development to improve the standard of living of the people by fulfilling the basic needs such as education, health, social security.

 – Our Nepal is becoming beautiful, it will be made peaceful, civilized and prosperous.

Branches in all seven provinces

Federalism was also accepted along with the establishment of a democratic republic in accordance with the wishes of the people in our country, which had a monarchical and centralized system of government for centuries. According to this change in the governance system, Ratopati.com has established bureaus in all seven provinces and is operating the provincial portal, while the central office is in its own building in the capital.

Woke up at eight o’clock

Information along with the event means news along with time means instant journalism! Ratopati.com is the leader in this matter. The skilled team of Ratopati, consisting of qualified personnel, stays awake 24 hours a day.

More than nine million readers

The backbone of Ratopati.com is our respected readers. Our readers are Nepalese and others spread within the borders of Nepal and in different countries of the world. Apart from the viewers of Ratopati Online TV, more than nine lakh readers read Ratopati daily. This number is increasing day by day, constantly… .

Determination and faith

It has been proven true that Ratopati.com belongs to everyone. We are determined to make Ratopati.com the best online news portal.

We are confident that with the help and affection of the alert readers, learned writers, reliable news sources, generous advertisers and well-wishers, this challenging resolution of ours will be realized.

Ratopati facebook

Ratopati facebook page got 1.1 Million likes and 1.3 million followers in facebook users. Ratopati Samachar www ratopati nepali news ratopati facebook page is the best page in Nepal.

Ratopati Facebook

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