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Tiktok Banned in Nepal – Nepal decides to ban TikTok

Tiktok Banned in Nepal. Nepal Government decided to ban TikTok in Nepal today. A Cabinet meeting on Monday took the decision to ban the Chinese-owned app, citing its negative effects on social harmony.

After this decision, Nepal is losing about  50 Crores monthly US dollars. This is the estimated amount of last month’s earning of Nepali 1000 average income from TikTok. A total of 1000 tiktok creators are earning from TikTok. It is easy to use and create content and market the products on social media.

Each social platform has some positive and negative impacts on society. But we can use such social media to our benefit in Nepal. A girl from Kathmandu is marketing her own shop products and made sold about 50000 daily which is free for her.

Tiktok Banned in Nepal

Ansu Barma is the popular creator in tiktok and his monthly earning is about 18 Lakh. Ansu is not only one person who is earning from Tiktok. Many youths from Nepal are earning us dollars from Nepal. Which is very good. Facebook and Youtube did  not give such opportunities. So, Government of Nepal can put tax on earning but Government of Nepal is banned to tiktok is not right for youths in Nepal.

Nepali Congress General Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa has commented that the government has gone in the opposite direction by deciding to close Tiktok.

After the cabinet meeting held today on Monday decided to close Tiktok in Nepal, General Minister Thapa said that it is wrong to close it in the name of regulation.

According to the government’s decision, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority has written to internet service providers to stop TikTok.

The cabinet meeting held on Monday decided to shut down Tik Tok saying it was spreading social hatred.

Is Tiktok banned in Nepal 2023 ?

Yes, the Government of Nepal banned TikTok in Nepal on November 13, 2023.

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