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Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower IPO Result Date – How to Check

Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower IPO Result Date is on October 8, 2021. Buddha Bhumi Hydropower Company Limited will be the allotment program for its IPO issue for 8,00,000 units of ordinary shares on this Friday, 2078. The IPO allotment program will start at 10 am at the premises of the issue manager, Civil Capital. Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower IPO Result Date was fixed on today after completion of pre-allotment of IPO.

Check Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro IPO Result- IPO Result Buddha Bhumi

Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower IPO Result Date
  1. Check Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro IPO Allotment from  iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result 2021 (CDS and Clearing Limited)
  2. Check Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro IPO from Civil Capital Market IPO Result Official page
  3. You can also check IPO Result from Mero share Account www.meroshare.cdsc.com.np
  4. You can also check IPO Result from IPO Result App or Nepali Share App

The Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower has issued a total of 800,000 units shares, 40,000 (5%) units shares were allocated to mutual funds, 14,000 units (2%) were for employee for the company and the remaining 7,44,000 units share were allocated for the general public. According to Civil Capital Market Limited, issue manager, a total of 21,42,000 applicants have applied for a total of 2,69,20,120 units shares for this IPO. So, the issue was oversubscribed over 36.18 times. Out of applied, only 74,400 applicants will be allotted 10 units each through lottery system.

Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Company

Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower Company was established to develop hydroelectric projects managed by experienced professionals, successful local entrepreneurs from various disciplines such as administration, engineering and public affairs; who are committed to bringing excellence to the world of corporate governance in the country.

 In addition to our self-managed activities, Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydro Power Company holds a 4,993 MW hydroelectric project license for the Lower Tadi Khola hydroelectric project, which is located in the Nuwakot district in central Nepal. The upper construction area is about 150 m downstream from the confluence of Tadi Khola and Chake Khola. The power plant will be built on the left bank of the alluvial reservoir. It is located about 300 m upstream from the head of the Aadishakti hydroelectric power station (5 MW). In addition to our mission to develop the hydroelectric field in Nepal, we would also like to promote and enable the development of infrastructure in the communities in which we work, as well as to preserve and protect our environment. The current project is nearing completion. The project is in the final phase of development with a job completion measurement of around 90%. The development of the project is very well planned and should be completed by the end of March 2021 or earlier.

We believe that our hopes of sustaining Nepal with environmentally friendly renewable energy while generating benefits for the community and our stakeholders are not only rational but also viable. This is what drives Buddhabhumi Nepal

Hydropower Company Limited. Our ambition to provide Nepal with renewable hydropower for a cleaner and brighter future.

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