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The 25 Best Business Ideas in Nepal

Are you looking for the best business ideas in Nepal ? I think that I have an own big business and I earned a lot of money more than salary. I think that we all are thinking about this but did not start business. When we did not start, we can’t earn what we have dreamed to earn money in our life. Believe me, most of the business are start at very small scale. If you have a big dream, you need to start from your level. I hope that you will be success to become a big businessman very soon. I will provide my learning and suggest starting 20 best business ideas in Nepal.

business ideas in Nepal

New business Ideas in Nepal    

Before start any business, you need to research about market, profit margin and net profit, legal provision in Nepal at your level. If you need help to register company, then you can contact us, we will support you at minimum service charge. You can also contact us to purchase the machinery product to run your business if you needed help. You can also reach direct to your nearest suppliers to purchase any products or materials to start your business.   

Small business Ideas in Nepal  

We have listed the some small business ideas in Nepal. Out of them, you can start any business or others business you are thinking. The list of ideas in Nepal as follows;

1. Mobile Shop Business

2. Solar Business

3. Event Management

4. Grocery Shop

5. Beauty Parlour Business

6. General Store

7. Health Club

8. Bakery Business

9. Computer Repairing

10.  ESEWA or IME Payment Agent

11. Trainer/Tutor

12. Electronic Store  

13. Interior Decorator

14. Home Canteen

15. Vehicle Washing Shop

16. Real Estate Agent

17. Candle Making

18. Yoga Class

19. Breakfast Shop

20. Dance Classes

21. Plant Shop (

22. DJ Sound Services

23. Pets Food Store

24. Clothing Business

25. Printing Services

Online Business Ideas in Nepal

Are you looking for Online Business Ideas in nepal ? If yes, we are provided information to start it from now. Young people want to do themselves their business with full freedom. If you also want to do so, You can follow us, we will post several article regarding online business. You can learn Online Business in Nepal in youtube and search in google. If you want to start earning from first month of working, then contact us, we will support you with minimum charge of amount. You can follow and contact us on our facebook page (Kaamkura.com).

Small scale business ideas in Nepal Most of people think that I have no money to start business. But money is no matter to start business. You need ideas to solve people’s problem, then money will come to start and growth your business. So, you need to start from small scale.

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