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Check EDV result 2024 – DV 2024 Result Date

Check EDV result 2024 from today. DV 2024 Result Date is on 6th May 2023 EDT noon time. Electronic Diversity Visa Program or DV Lottery Result has published on Baisakh 24th 2080,  9:45 PM Nepal’s time.

You can see the result from dvprogram.state.gov 2024 page or below method you can find your result.

Step 1: Go to DV Lottery Official website

Step 2: Click on Check Status

Step 3: Then click on continue bottom

Step 4: Write the Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, Year of Birth and Authentication

Step 5: Then Click on submit bottom

Step 6: You will get your result (If you did not get, please try again)

Check EDV result 2024

Check EDV result 2024

Check EDV result 2024 is simple from anywhere you live. But you have to your DV lottery confirmation information. You need to follow the steps we suggested above.

DV 2024 result date

DV 2024 result date is 6th May 2023 EDT noon time. It is US time. DV Lottery Result has published on Baisakh 24th 2080,  9:45 PM Nepal’s time. You can check it from your time zone.

EDV Result 2024

EDV Result 2024

EDV Result 2024 is waiting for the world. Every year, most of people want to do America, and their entry is valid for one year.

EDV result 2024 Nepal name list

EDV result 2024 Nepal name list will publish soon in this page if you want to share your name publicly.  Every year, EDV result 2024 Nepal is available from here.

If You Are Selected for EDV Program, what to do ?

If you are selected for EDV Lottery Program, congratulations! Who will select for DV lottery, they can get Permanent Resident Visa for USA. After you have been selected, you need to prepare some points:

  1. Documentation: After being accepted into the EDV program, you should concentrate on gathering all of your documents, such as your birth certificate, passport, academic transcripts, work certificates, training certificates, etc. This will assist you in starting the rest of your USA PR application procedure.
  2. Prepare the Interview: Once you have all the necessary paperwork in order, you should truly be ready for the interview at the US Embassy. Do not be worried; simply search for some interview videos on YouTube to become accustomed to the interview questions.
  3. Be honest and truthful: Be genuine and true to yourself at all times. When going into the interview, try not to overthink and complicate yourself. Give a thorough response and make an effort to clarify any discrepancies or problems with your application.

Guidelines: Don’t forget to adhere to the US Embassy’s instructions. Make careful to provide any additional documents by the deadline if they need them.

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