Jyoti Life Insurance Jyoti Life Insurance Share Price

Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited was established under Company Act 2063 and Insurance Act 2049 in July 2017. It is the Public Limited Company.

JyotiLife has a strong diverse list of promoters. The company promoters are from both individuals and financial institution sectors who is with strong brand value in the market.

Jyoti Life Insurance Share Price
Jyoti Life Insurance Share Price

 JyotiLife, is focused on living benefits such as our Critical Illness Coverage whereby insurance shall create a financial support system to fight dreadful diseases such as cancer and start a healthy life all over again and get the full benefit of insurance. JyotiLife is a pioneer among Nepali Life Insurers to introduce Critical Illness Coverage and till date offers the best coverage in the industry.

JyotiLife believes in customer excellence and has adopted technology and innovation in all avenues of its business. It believes that this will optimize operational cost, improve efficiency, and embed control mechanisms which shall all ultimately create a business value. JyotiLife can pass on to its policyholders, shareholders, and other stakeholders. JyotiLife has also recently obtained ISO 9001:2005 certification.

Our vision, mission, and strategies have been formulated to create maximum value for all our stakeholders whilst adhering to regulatory requirements and laws at all times.

According to Jyoti Life Insurance IPO Result, a total of 59,40,00 individual got 10 shares. The company closed its IPO issue to the general public on 26th Falgun, 2077. This IPO issue was opened from 21st Falgun. The company has a total of 2.2 crore registered shares of which 66 lakh shares have been issued in this IPO. Thus, the IPO will raise a total of Rs. 66 crores in paid-up capital. 5% of the issue, i.e. 3,30,000 units were allocated to the employees of the company and another 5% to mutual funds. The remaining 59,40,000 units were purely allocated for individual investors.

Jyoti Life Insurance Share Price

Jyoti Life Insurance Share Price is Rs.660 on the last transaction in 24 March 2022. Jyoti Life requires 106.61 percentage of its capital as per Beema Samiti. Beema Samiti trust increasing the paid-up capital of insurance companies can gives the following benefits:

1) It supports to increase in the overall net worth of the companies.
2) It increases the risk-bearing capacity of companies.
3) Beema Samita promotes mergers and acquisitions among insurance companies, which helps to maintain a healthy number of insurers in the market.
4) It enables a stronger capital base, reduces operational costs, and facilitates the expansion of insurance reach in the nation coming days.

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