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Balephi Hydropower IPO Date 2022 How to Apply

Balephi Hydropower IPO is opened to the general public on Chaitra 16, 2078. The Balephi Hydropower IPO closing Date 2022 is Chaitra 21, 2078. So, if you want to apply for this IPO, you need to apply for it by Chaitra 21. It has already been oversubscribed by April 1, 2022.  So, the date did not be extended till 30th Chaitra 2078.

A total of 18,27,970 shares has issued at a par value of Rs. 100 per unit. Out of them, 4% or 73,119 units have been secured for employees, Similarly, 5% or 91,398 units have been allocated for mutual funds. The remaining total of 16,63,453 shares is opened for the general public.

Balephi Hydropower IPO
Balephi Hydropower IPO

If you want to apply for the IPO, you need to apply only 10 units even if you can apply the 100000 units. Because it has already oversubscribed.

Global IME Capital is the issue manager for the Balephi IPO issuance. ICRA Nepal Limited has rated the issue Double B, indicating a moderate risk of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligations for the Balephi Hydropower.

Balephi Hydropower IPO How to Apply

Do you want about how to apply IPO from Mero share for Balephi Hydropower ? If yesyou need to follow the below steps;

  1. Go to official website www.meroshare.cdsc.com.np meroshare cdsc com np login
  2. Select Your DP (Bank or Capital where you open your mero share and CRN account)
  3. Enter the user name and password,
  4. Click on login bottom
  5. Go to my ASBA
  6. Click on my ASBA
  7. See on the Apply on issue
  8. Click on the Apply bottom
  9. Fill in the required information (Select bank account, number of applied shares)
  10.  Enter the CRN number in the same page and click on all information is a current option,
  11. Then click on apply
  12. Then write the four digit security code or OTP
  13. Then submit
  14.  Application was completed; you will see that successfully applied with green color.

Balephi Hydropower Ltd has a vision to be the potential developer in hydropower sector of the Nepal for the benefit of the nation and its shareholders. With one project in the final stage of commercial operation, Balephi Hydropower Ltd (BHPL) is already in the path of achieving the company’s goal of contributing in the sustainable development of the nation and its people’s life style along with the secured benefits to the investors.

I would like to thank every shareholders, contractors, consultants, our team and other concerned parties for their never-ending help, support and belief towards us for successful development of Upper Balephi ‘A’ Hydropower Project (36MW). I will continue my effort towards the achievement of the goal we have set with all my knowledge and dedication. I am proud of our achievement in this period of time in difficult situation of country like devastating earthquake border blockade and Corona Virus (Covid 19) pandemic situations. I would like to assure shareholders for the reasonable return on their investment in the days to come through the development of upcoming projects in reasonable cost without compromising in quality.

Total Capital100%18,279,7001,827,970,000
Total Issue20%3,655,940365,594,000
Project-Affected Locals10%1,827,970182,797,000
General Public10%1,827,970182,797,000
Issue ManagerGlobal IME Capital Limited  

Balephi Hydropower IPO Apply through Mero Share App

If you are the user of PO Result – Nepali Mero Share, then you can apply it through the app. You need to open the app and then click on Apply IPO from Mero Share bottom. Then you need to follow the above-suggested steps to apply for IPO.

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