Rapti Hydro IPO Result – IPO Result CDSC COM NP Rapti Hydro

Rapti Hydro IPO Result published on 9 July 2022 today. You can check IPO Result CDSC COM NP Rapti Hydro now as suggested by the various way in the news article.

According to Siddharth Capital, the company’s share issue and sales manager, the pre-allotment was completed on Thursday and the IPO Result has been distributed today at Siddharth Capital’s office Naxal at 9 AM.

The Rapti Hydro and General Construction was issued 23 lakh 66 thousand 240 shares of ordinary shares including the remaining 37 thousand 623 shares for the local of the project affected areas.

According to the IPO Result, a total of 70 thousand 988 shares have been distributed for employees and a total of 1 lakh 18 thousand 312 shares have been allocated for the collective mutual fund. And the remaining 21 lakh 76 thousand 940 shares are allocated to the general public.

Rapti Hydro IPO Result

There was more shared demand, so shares was distributed at a minimum rate of 10 shares according to the Securities Issuance and Allotment Guidelines. As a result, only 2 lakh 17 thousand 694 people got shares 10 units each.

IPO Result CDSC COM NP Rapti Hydro

Are you looking for IPO Result CDSC COM NP to find out the result of IPO ? If Yes, it is here with the guideline to find out any IPO result when it published. Before checking any IPO Result CDSC or CDSC IPO Result you need to ensure your 16 digit BOID.

You need the 16 digit BOID to get Mero Share IPO Result or IPO Result CDSC com np NepalIPO Result CDSC can help you to find the Rapti Hydro share allotment at IPOResult CDSC com np IPO Result page. You need to click the above link and follow the step-by-step process to get results fast and first. It is another way to get the result of the Rapti Hydro & General Construction Ltd (RHGCL) IPO.

How to Check IPO Result at Mero Share (Allotment) of Rapti Hydro & General Construction Ltd (RHGCL):

Investors of this Rapti Hydro & General Construction Ltd (RHGCL) can check their IPO result allotment by login at the direct Mero Share link – Meroshare.cdsc.com.np

You can follow the step by step:

  • Login at Meroshare official website – IPOResult.cdsc.com.np
  • Select Rapti Hydro & General Construction Ltd (RHGCL) IPO name at the dropbox;
  • Write Demat or boid number
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button to know the result.

Your Rapti Hydro & General Construction Ltd (RHGCL) IPO allotment result status will be available on your computer and or on your Smartphone.

Rapti Hydro IPO Result Check from Siddhartha Capital 

Siddhartha Capital IPO Result _feature

Rapti Hydro IPO Result can Check from Siddhartha Capital. The investor can easily check their IPO allotment status on Siddhartha Capital website under the IPO Allotment from checklist  (https://www.siddharthacapital.com/) when the IPO result published. The mero share is not provided fast result of some cases due to server error or load, so it will be very helpful you to know the IPO result. 

Step 1: Go to Siddhartha Capital Website https://www.siddharthacapital.com/check-share-allotment-ipo-fpo/

Step 2: Select the Company Name

Step 3: Write the 16 Digits Dmat Number

Step 4: Click on Search button and view your IPO allotment Result.

You can see the IPO allotment status in your laptop, desktop and handset. If you are facing any difficulties, please write your message in comment box.

Siddhartha Capital Limited

Siddhartha Capital Limited (SCL), a 51% subsidiary of Siddhartha Bank Limited, is the first company in Nepal to procure an operating license to manage mutual funds as of 9th September 2012, following the introduction of Mutual Fund Regulation 2010. Established on 28th September 2012; SCL has played a major role in establishing the Mutual Fund Industry in the country. Likewise, after successful operation of mutual funds, SCL ventured into Merchant Banking in the year 2015 and is a prominent market participant providing Corporate Advisory Services, Issue Management, Underwriting, Portfolio Management Services, Depository Participant and Registrar to Shares. The rating Committee of ICRA Nepal has re-affirmed the Fund Management Quality Rating (FMQR) of AMC Quality 3+ indicating adequate assurances on management quality, company’s established track record in fund management, strong market presence and financial profile.

Updated: July 25, 2022 — 8:58 AM

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