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Sanima Life Insurance Opening Range

Sanima Life Insurance Opening Range is fixed and transaction starts on September 2, 2021. A total of  2,00,00,000 units shares of Sanima Life Insurance Limited (SLI) has listed in NEPSE now. Sanima Life Insurance Opening Range is from Rs.103.17 to Rs.309.51 in the opening day. If you want to purchase the IPO, you need to apply within the range in the pre-opening session. If your order will match with the seller, then Sanima Life Insurance IPO starts trading from the first day in secondary market.

If you have the account in the tms, then you can trade from secondary market. So, you need to open the share trading account from broker before trading in the secondary market.

Sanima Life Insurance Company Limited IPO Result has allocated 54,00,000 unites shares to general public, 3,00,000 unites shares for its employees and 3,00,000 unites shares for the mutual fund. According to issue manager, Prabhu Capital Limited, 24,19,127 applicants were applied for a total of 3,69,43,440 units shares. So, the issue IPO was oversubscribed 6.84 times. Sanima Life Insurance Company Limited was issued 60,00,000 unit IPO shares for the General Public from Shrawan 20, 2078, and closed the issue on Shrawan 24,2078.

After the IPO issue, the company’s paid-in capital will be 2 billion. 70% of the issued share capital has been subscribed by the promoters, and 30% of the issued share capital will be disclosed to the public through an IPO in accordance with relevant regulations.

Sanima Life Insurance Limited

Sanima Life Insurance Limited was incorporated on August 13, 2064 under the Companies Act 2063. Beema Samiti granted an operating license to conduct life insurance business pursuant to Article 10, Paragraph 3 of the Insurance Act 2049 and Article 8 Paragraph 1 of the Insurance Regulations of 2049 on May 7, 2074. The company started in 2074 Commercial Operations 08/22. Driven by the Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN) of Nepal, they have invested in the fields of finance, banking, hydropower and tourism in Nepal. Sanima Life Insurance aims to become a trusted brand in the Nepalese life insurance industry. Sanima Bank is the main sponsor of Sanima Life Insurance Limited.

Sanima Life Insurance is committed to providing a new experience for Nepalese policyholders through the latest technology and a variety of product options. For Sanima Life, every newborn, youth and senior is a potential customer, who can provide financial protection to their loved ones and provide themselves with innovative financial solutions. We are here to provide our clients with quality insurance services in a courteous and transparent manner, because every client is important to us.

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