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Social Security Fund (SSF) login

The Social Security Fund (SSF) has been established according to the Social Security (Management Fund and Operations) Rules, 2067 BS. Has been doing. The purpose of this fund is to ensure the right to social security based on the contribution of the workers mentioned in the preamble of the act and to provide social security to the contributors. The fund’s programs are aimed at minimizing the economic and social risks of all workers by incorporating them into the social security scheme, embodying the concept of universal social security and ensuring the constitutional right to contribution-based social security.

Social Security Fund (SSF)

The Contribution Based Social Security Act provides for the inclusion of formal and informal sector workers and self-employed persons in the social security scheme. In addition to the drug treatment and health protection plan, maternity protection plan, accident protection plan, disability protection plan, old age protection plan, dependent family protection plan, unemployed assistance plan, other funds specified by the Social Security Fund (SSF) in Article 10 of the same act. The scope of social security schemes that the Social Security Fund (SSF) can operate has been defined as it will operate social security schemes. In order to operate the social security scheme mentioned in the act, the social security scheme operation procedure, 2075 has been implemented.

The fund enlists employers and workers to join the contribution-based social security system, collects contributions, mobilizes funds, manages claims payments on facility schemes, expands the network of health institutions affiliated to the fund and provides access to quality and effective health care. Has been doing things. The Fund (SSF) has been emphasizing on fast, quick and quality service delivery by making the work done technology friendly.

SSF Notice
SSF Notice

Regarding the operation and management of contribution based social security program from the fund, the social security scheme under this fund has been expanded to informal and self-employed and foreign employment in addition to formal sector of economy. The Fund (SSF) is committed to doing so.

Login Now Social Security Fund (SSF) login

I forgot my password what should i do?

If you forgot the SSF user password, please follow the following steps to reset it.

  1. Go to the Employee portal (https://sosys.ssf.gov.np/Modules/REGISTRATION/EmployerLogin.aspx)
  2. Click on Recover Password
  3. Provide your SSID Number
  4. Click on Recover
  5. Then, you will receive email or password to reset password in your email box.
  6. Change your Password.

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  1. Contributor Patrol nai khuldaina ta

  2. Dear Sir please verify my kyc it’s very urgent I am trying to call you sinch 1/2 hr byt call not connected

  3. Dear sir and medam namaskar

  4. Gopal krishna lageju

    Sir good morning ? Mero ssf ma address nai mile kasari milaune hola sar

    1. Sir mero imell ra number change garidinu ta

  5. Bhim Datta Bhattarai

    Sir kyc update garnu thiyo ra mobile number register garnu thiyo kasari hola

    1. Dear Bhim Ji,

      You can login and update your KYC and mobile number. Thank you.


  6. Krishna man shrestha

    Sir mero kyc updated garnu thiyo kasri holaa?

    1. you can follow the suggested process.

      1. Sir how to correct name in ssf account please correct my name khusnarayan narayandiswa to khusnarayan diswa

      2. Sir mero kyc updated garnu thiyo kasri holaa?

    2. Kyc ma Gmail account change garnu thiyo kasari hola

  7. Ramesh kumar yadav

    3 Day end ..i was sent mail for change my password mobile no..but not any responsse

  8. sir mero nepali name milaunnus bhanera Verify/Reject Remarks aauxa bt 1 time maile milayera pathai sake aba edit option click hudaina kasari resend garne sir…..

  9. sir mero ssid no.20780285660 ho yesko password reset gardinu na

    1. Kishan Kumar lal karn

      Sir Mero email reset vako xaina sir malai afno ssf ko balance nikalnu Cha

  10. Mero kyc complete cha tara self contribution bhako cha teslai kasari hatauna milcha

  11. Yashoda rayamajhi

    Password recover garna khojda error aucha..
    Your details did not match. Please update Email/Phone
    But Email correct nai rakhya chu pls help me

  12. My KYC form has been rejected due to mistake in citizenship number. what is the process to fix this problem! i can’t make changes on citizenship number

    1. You can update your KYC with correct citizenship number.

    2. Kishan Kumar lal karn

      Sir Mero email number reset garne parne Cha

  13. How can i change my email any ideas ?

    1. You need to update your KYC.
      KYC Menu बाट आफ्नो Bibaran सच्याउन sakinchha
      Bibaran Bharepachhi submit Garnuholaa..

  14. Dear sir,Goodmorning
    I have already resigned from my former office Nepal Liquors Pvt Ltd and it has deposited my fund since Asar to Bhadra in SSF.I want to withdraw my fund please suggest me the ways .
    SSID : 20780319635
    Name : Sunil Rijal

    1. Please call at office.

  15. jaya ram upadhayay parajuli

    document verification failed vancha citizenship ko 2nd page upload garna add button nai chainna should we make single photo of citizenship containing both page???

    1. Please try again.

  16. Pranesh Gasi Shrestha

    How can i get my username ?

  17. did you get your username, above process doesn’t work?

  18. Hi,
    I am not able to login since it’s first time of login. I followed the above steps, but it’s says error every time.
    Hope to get help.

    1. Try again and let us know.

  19. Help me – I am getting Login Failed!!! message every time

    1. Try again. It may be internet problem.

    2. Login Failed . I tried many times….

  20. Forget ssid and password how can i update now.

    1. Plz follow the tip as per article.

    2. Password rest greipani login bhiyena

  21. can i get my detail from my name i get mess from here but i m not getting id and password so what should i have to do for this if possible send my details in my 9847540435 ( id and password)

    1. I contribute ssf but did not get ID no and password. Name:suresh lal karna. can you send me ID no and password.

      1. Dear Suresh Ji, plz contact your office. Your office has the id and you will get the email, plz follow the steps as per above article.

  22. How to change my email address in KYC update form ?

    1. Shushobhit Kumar Saud

      इ मेल id चेन्ज को लागि KYC mail गरे पछि चेन्ज भए नभए को कसरी थाहा पाउने होला please janakaari paauna

      1. Check your email.

  23. forgot the username, please help!!

  24. what to do if i forget username??

    1. Dear Pratima Ji, It is same process for user or password forgot. Please follow the process above.

    2. did you get your username, above process doesn’t work?

  25. Ambir Kumar Basnet

    किन कन्ट्रीब्युटर पाेर्टल खुल्दैन?

    1. Ambir Ji, It is opening try again.

  26. i forgot my password what should i do please

    1. The Process is updated now. Please follow the process. Thank you.

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