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Tara Air Plane Crash – Tara Air Flight from Pokhara to Jomsom Missing

The Tara air missing from today morning. The Tara Air Plane Crash news. The plane that took off at 9:55 in the morning had lost contact since 10:30 in the morning.

According to the locals of Jomsong that the sound of explosion and smoke was heard in the sky while they were out of contact.

Based on the information of the locals, the officials of Pokhara Airport have stated that they are searching for the plane that crashed from the helicopter.

There are 6 foreigners and 3 Nepali passengers including 3 crew members in the plane.

Chief District Officer of Mustang, Netra Prasad Sharma, informed that the search for Tara Air’s TwinAir Nine NAET, which has been out of contact for about five hours, is in full swing.

Who was on the missing plane?

The following crew members and passengers are in the missing plane in the Tara Air.


1. Captain Prabhakar Ghimire

2. Utsav Pokhrel

3. Air Hostess Christy Thapa


1. Bandekar Vaisvi

2. Indra Bahadur Gole

3. Purushottam Gole

4. Rajan Kumar Gole

5. Mike Gretgraph

6. Spring Lama

7. Ganesh Narayan Shrestha

8. Raveena Shrestha

9. Rashmi Shrestha

10. Rojina Shrestha

11. Prakash Sunuwar

12. Makar Bahadur Tamang

13. Rammaya Tamang

14. Sukumaya Tamang

15. Tulsadevi Tamang

16. Ashok Kumar Tripathi

17. Dhanush Tripathi

18. Ritika Tripathi

19. V. Wilner

Tara Air Plane Crash

Tara Air Plane Crash

Tara Air Plane Crash : The Tara Air plane that lost contact on Sunday morning was found at the foot of Manapathi Himal in Mustang.

According to Rathi Narayan Silwal, Assistant Spokesperson of the Nepal Army, the locals reported that the plane had crashed under a landslide at the foot of the mountain.

Tara Air Pokhara contact number

The Tara Air Pokhara contact number is as follows. You can contact if you want.

Sales office:-  061-463888, 061-464888

Airport:- 061-465888

Cargo Section :- 061465800 (Airport) / 061-466800 (Sales office)

Jomsom Office: 069-440068 , 440069

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