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Terhathum Power IPO Result Published today – Check Now

Terhathum Power IPO Result has published today. Applicants can check the terhathum power ipo allotment result as suggested in below steps. According to IPO pre-allotment result, out of total offered 8,00,000 unites shares,16000 unites shares allotted to its employees, 40,000 unites shares of total shares allotted to mutual funds and remaining 7,44,0000 unites were allotted for the general public. According to NIBL Ace Capital Limited issue manager, a total of 23,57,009 applicants was applied for a total of 3,12,54,220 units.

Terhathum IPO Result – How to Check IPO Result from iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result ?

Terhathum Power IPO Result
Terhathum Power IPO Result

We are sharing the all possible way to check Terhathum IPO result from kaamkura. Applicants can check the Terhathum IPO Result from iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result.

Are you looking for iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result to find out the Tehrathum Power Company Limited IPO Result ? Yes, it is here with guideline to find out any IPO result when it published. Before checking any iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result you need to ensure your 16 digit BOID. You are thinking that where can I find my 16 digit BOID ? You are right, if you did not know about it, please follow the following process to find your 16 digit BOID.

Steps: iporesult.cdsc.com.np ipo result

Terhathum power company limited ipo result

  • Go to Mero Share CDSC login
  • Select your Bank or Capital where you opened your DEMAT Account
  • Provide your user’s name and password
  • Go to the my details tab and click on it
  • Then Copy the 16 digit BOID number
  • Open the IPO Result CDSC page
  • Select the IPO company name
  • Than paste the 16 digit BOID number
  • And Click on view result button
  • Your result will appear there.

How to Check Terhathum Power Company IPO Result from APP ?

Terhathum Power Company IPO Result Date and Time

Are you looking for How to Check Terhathum Power Company IPO Result from APP ? If yes, please follow the following steps which will help you to get fast and first result of IPO;

  1. Find Result from nibl ace capital ipo result

Terhathum Power Company Limited had already issues and allocated 400,000 shares for local public of project affected area. Out of the total 1,200,000 units approved shared by SEBON on Ashad 10, 2078. The remaining 20%, 800,000 shares were issued for general public now. The company has 4,000,000 registered shares among which 1,200,000 shares has issued to the public. This is 30% of the company’s paid-up capital as per the company statement.

IPO Rating of Terhathum Power Company

ICRA Nepal has assigned a rating of [ICRANP] IPO Grade 4+ to the issue initial public offering (IPO) of Terhathum Power Company Limited (TPCL), indicating below-average fundamentals. ICRA Nepal assigns IPO gradings on a scale of 1 to 5, with Grade 1 indicating strong fundamentals and Grade 5 indicating poor fundamentals. For the grading categories 2, 3 and 4, the sign of ‘+’ (plus) appended to the grading symbol indicates its relatively better position within the grading category concerned. TPCL is proposing to come out with an IPO of 1,200,000 equity shares with a face value of NPR 100 each, at par.

The IPO proceed has been planned to be utilised towards the development of the 7.5-MW Upper Khorunga Small Hydropower Project. The assigned grading factors in the moderate return potential of the 7.5-MW Upper Khorunga Small Hydropower Project that arises from the relatively lower cost of development (~NPR 183 million per MW) and expected completion of the project within the budgeted cost and estimated timeline of the Required Commercial Operation Date (RCOD) of December 17, 2019. The project, already in an advanced stage of completion (~85% of physical progress), is expected to be completed within the scheduled RCOD. This would help it utilise all the tariff escalations1 and maintain a healthy levelised tariff, which is crucial in determining the revenue profile of the company amid the fixed tariff structures.

The grading also takes into consideration the low tariff risk and low offtake risk emanating from the firm power purchase agreement (PPA) with pre-determined tariff rates at take or pay model, and the positive demand outlook for the energy sector, owing to the supply-demand gap in the power sector and the increasing energy consumption levels in the nation. Similarly, the evacuation risk remains low amid an already built and operational Jiri Khimti substation of the NEA for evacuation of power to be generated by the project. Going forward, TPCL’s ability to commission the project within the budgeted cost (NPR 1,376 million), meet the estimated timeline of RCOD, collect IPO proceeds to avoid incremental interest2, achieve the designed operating parameters as well as interest rate volatility in the market would be the key drivers in determining the returns for the project.

Terhathum Power Company Limited

Terhathum Power Company Limited has registered under the Company Act 2052/63 of Nepal. The Company was established in 2066 BS by few of frontiers from Terhathum to build and hydroelectric and other renewable energy projects in Terhathum district. The Company was converted in to Public Limited company on 22 Ashad 2075 and commence its operation from 1 Shrawan 2076 as Terhathum Power Company Limited (TPCL). Presently, TPCL is working on the development of two Hydropower projects in Khorunga Khola at Terhathum District, Upper Khorunga Khola Small Hydropower Project of 7.5 MW and Khorunga Tangmaya Hydropower Project 2.0 MW which is the cascade project located in Menchayama Rural Municipality, Terhathum, Province-1, Nepal. Registered office of the company is located in the Bagbazar-29, Kathmandu Nepal. The company was formed to collect disbursed units of capital and reduce the Extreme lack of energy by identifying and operating the energy generating unit to contribute in the energy sector which is the most priority sector of nation. TPCL is in process of registering its equity in only stock market in Nepal and it is in the process of getting approval to lunch the stock from SEBON. TPCL is closely coordinating with Local public and authority as well as maintaining good coordination with its Financer Banks, Vendors and business associates to enhance the efficiency.

Capital Structure

  • Authorized Capital = Rs. 40,00,00,000.00 (Forty Crores)
  • Issued Capital = Rs. 40,00,00,000.00 (Forty Crores)
  • Paid of Capital = Rs. 40,00,00,000.00 (Forty Crores)
  • Promotor Shares= Rs. 28,00,00,000.00 (Twenty-Eight Crores)
  • General Public Shares= Rs. 12,00,00,000.00 (Twelve Crores)
  • Number of Promotor Share Holder 286


Formation of capital by collecting dispersed unit of investment to generate the renewable energy that will contribute in economic growth of society and nation.


Efficient management can improvise the available resources into energy by applying the latest technological changes that will be milestone in the economic growth of nation.


  • To generate and operate renewable energy projects.
  • Local Participation and transparent, integrity in Business Transaction
  • Efficient Management of available resource in the Country.

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