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Api Power Company Limited book closure date for right share Price

Api Power Company Limited (API) has confirmed for the book closure date for its upcoming rights share. The book closure date is Chaitra 14, 2078 for this right share. So, if you want to apply for this right share, you need to maintain before that day you will be a shareholder of this company. You can apply from mero share or Mero Share App.

Muktinath Capital is the issue manager of this right share. The company was submitted to SEBON on Ashoj 25 and SEBON was given its approval on Falgun 26, 2078.

The company is issuing 1,08,60,000 right shares for its shareholders. According to decide on the 18th AGM of the company, it is issuing 1: 0.3936 rights offering on the paid-up capital maintained after the adjustment of bonus shares. The paid-up capital of the company after bonus adjustment is Rs. 275.89 crores.

API Power company limited share price

Api Power Company Limited
Api Power Company Limited

API Power company limited share price is Rs. 488 at the market. But you need Rs.100 for each share if you want to apply for the right share.

The Company was established in 5th Ashad, 2060 (19th June 2003) under “The Company Act, 2053”. The company was converted into a Public Limited company on B.S. 6th Shrawan 2070 (21st July 2013). The main objective of the company is to generate electricity through utilization of water and renewable resources abundantly available in the country in solving our everlasting energy crisis. The company has its Corporate Office located at 4th Floor, Trade Tower Nepal, Thapathali, Kathmandu.

Api Power Company Limited is one of the leading Companies in Nepal’s Power Sector with Power Generation and Supply to National Grid as its core business. Company is registered with Securities Board of Nepal and the Shares of the Company ‘API’ are listed in Nepal Stock Exchange and is freely traded in the market.

Company is committed to operational excellence and believes in good governance, corporate citizenship and creating value for stakeholders. Company has owned and developed various Hydroelectric and Solar Projects.

Hydroelectric Projects

  1. Naugarh Gad Small Hydroelectric Project (8.5 MW)            

: In Operation since 2nd Bhadra, 2072 (19th August, 2015)

  • Upper Naugarh Gad Small Hydroelectric Project (8 MW)    

: In Operation since 13th Kartik, 2076 (30th October, 2019)

  • Upper Chameliya Hydroelectric Project (40 MW)                

: Generation License Obtained, Project Under Construction 

Solar Projects

  1. Dhalkebar 1 MW Solar PV Project                                      

: In Operation since 1st Magh, 2078 (15th January, 2022)

  • Parwanipur 8 MW Solar PV Project                                    

: PPA Signed, Project Under Construction

  • Simara 1 MW Solar PV Project                                            

: PPA Signed, Project Under Construction

  • Chandranigapur 4 MW Solar PV Project                           

: In Operation since 6th Bhadra, 2078 (22nd August, 2021)

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