DV Lottery Interview Questions and Answers

DV Lottery Interview Questions and Answers is very simple. You need to answer DV lottery questions are with the truth. The consular officer will be asked you about your experience, education, and your plans for supporting yourself in America. S/he will not be fooled by overstatement or falsehoods.

More than as soon as I needed to refuse visas to DV winners due to the fact that they’d no concept how they might assist themselves withinside the US; they surely anticipated to obtain loose housing and meals indefinitely. I additionally issued folks who seemed in the beginning to be not likely to do well, however I quick realized, with incredible satisfaction, that this become the only smash the person/own circle of relatives had to succeed. I consider lots of those very fondly.

DV Lottery Interview Questions and Answers

Hence, you have idea about DV Lottery Interview Questions and Answers. You can consult with your relatives who had already gotten DV or taken support from service provider offices.

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DV Lottery Interview Questions and Answers pdf  

Are you looking for dv lottery interview questions and answers pdf ? If yes, here is some question from dv lottery interview questions and answers pdf to prepare your answer. Here is some dv lottery interview questions but not limit with it.                   

  • What was your longest stay in the US?
  • What visa were you on for that stay?
  • Have you ever had any immigration problems?
  • What is your highest level of education?
  • Where did you get your bachelor from?
  • Do you have any children?
  • Have you ever been married?
  • Where do you intend on living?
  • Have you ever commited a crime?
  • Why do you want to go to the U.S.A?
  • Have you travelled to the U.S.A earlier?
  • What is your annual income?
  • Will you go back to your own country?

Documents for DV Lottery Interview

If you win the DV Lottery 2023, you need to submit the following documents for DV Lottery Interview. If any documents is not correct with entry, you need to pre-inform to consular officer.

1. Passport

2. Citizenship

3. Birth Certificate

4. Academic Certificates

5. Marriage Certificate (if married )

6. Work Experiences(if any)

7. Citizenship of father & mother

8. Sponsor’s address in US

You can take idea from Edv Eplan Nepal, Putalisadak, Kathmandu or others supporters.

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DV lottery interview experience will help you to succeed. You can check https://dvprogram.state.gov.

DV Lottery Interview Rejected

DV Lottery Interview Rejected is possible if your information is not matching with their record and you will share false information in the interview. They have rigorous information validation tricks. So you can’t cheat them in any way.

DV Lottery Interview Questions for couples       

The dv lottery interview      is similar for dv lottery interview questions for couples. They want to verify your relationship is true or not. If you want to cheat them, it is not possible. So, you need to share them real information with them but some technical question is learnt from experiences.

DV Lottery Interview Notification

DV Lottery Interview Notification will receive you on your email which is provided at DV Lottery entry time. The dv lottery interview documents is required when you call for interview. The interview will conduct by consular officer in your home country.          

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