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TU Examination Schedule: 4 Yrs & 3 Yrs Bachelor Level 3rd Year – 2077

TU Examination Schedule: 4 Yrs & 3 Yrs Bachelor Level 3rd Year – 2077

TU published the examination schedule for 4 years and 3 years bachelor level exam routine for 2077. This notice is for B.Ed, B.Sc. B.A. and BBS new and old courses students.

4/3  Yrs B.Ed.  3rd Year  परीक्षा समय: दिवा  १२:३० बजेदेखि ३ः३० बजेसम्म । 

2077/11/10Specialization ( New Course) Eco.Ed-331,332/Eng.Ed-331/Geo.Ed-331/Hp.Ed-331,Hist.Ed.331/Math.Ed.331/ICT.Ed-331/ Nepa. Shikchaa:331Pol.Sc.Ed.331/Pop .Ed-331/Sc.Ed-331,Bus.Ed. /Ind.Ed/His. Ed-305. CED-431( Curriculum & Evaluation)
2077/11/12Specialization (Old Course)Eng/Nep/Math/Geo/Hist/PolSc/HpEd/PopEd/Bus.Ed/Ind.Ed/305/Ed.Mgt.302/.Sc. Ed.390/Phy.Ed.390/Sc.Ed-305(New Course)NF.Ed.322 Major Code-432Math.Ed/Eng.Ed/Nep.Ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Eco.Ed/His.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/Ed.PM
2077/11/14Elective Group A (Old Course) Eng-311,315/Nep-303/306/Math-301,306/Sc-.306/Eco-301/Geo-301/His-301/ Pol.sc-301/Hp-301/Hp-306/Pop-301/Ind.Ed-306/Env.sc.Ed. (Bot ,Zoo) 301/Ecd.Ed-301(Fundamental Early Childhood Education) (Dev)Major Code – No-433Math.Ed/Eng.Ed/Nep.EdSc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Eco.Ed/His.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/ Ed.EPM
2077/11/16( New &  Old Course)Bus.Ed-308,ICT-311 ( Elective Interdisciplinary) Major Code No –434Math.Ed/Eng.Ed/Nep.Ed./Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Eco.Ed/His.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/ Ed.EPM
2077/11/18Elective Group A ( New Course)Eng.Ed-333,334 Nepa. Shikchaa:322/334 / Hp.Ed-333 ,333, 321/Pol.sc-316/Geo.Ed-316/Pop.Ed-316/Ed,Mgt-321,322/Math.Ed-333/ICT.Ed-333/Hist.Ed.316,Eco.Ed.316. Sc.Ed333/   Ind.Ed.306 Minor Code – Sc. Ed -438 ( Plant Sc), H.Ed-438
2077/11/20 Interdisciplinary( Old Course)Sp.Ed.301/Env.Ed301,302/Ecd.Ed-301(Fundamental of Early Childhoodedu.NF.Ed-301/Pop-306/So.std-392/Sj.Ed-301/Eco.Ed-304/Buss.Ed-308.H.Sc.Ed-308 /P.Ed-301,302( Primary) Ed. in Nepal( New &  Old Course) Sp.Ed.301Minor Code No439 Nep. Ed/Eng. Ed/Math. Ed / Phy.Ed-301/Pop. Ed/Geo. Ed/Eco. Ed/His. Ed/ Ed.EPM/ Pol. Sc. Ed-439(Animal Sc. )
2077/11/21Elective Group B( New Course)Sc.Ed-334,335,336/Eng.Ed-335,336,337/ Nepa. Shikchaa:322/334/HPE-316,317/Geo.Ed-317.Hist.Ed.317,Eco.Ed.317/Pop Ed-321,322/Math.Ed-334/ICT.ED-334 /Pol.Sc.Ed.-317 Elective & Interdisciplinary  Ind Ed-308 ( New &  Old Course)
2077/11/23Interdisciplinary ( New Course)Eng.Ed3-21/Sc.Ed-338/Pop.Ed-338/So.St.Ed-338/Hsc-308/Math.Ed.-316/Sj.Ed-338/Eco-322
2077/11/24Elective Group B ( Old Course)Eng-392/Nep-304/Nep-391/Math-307/Sc-307,308,309/Eco-302/Geo-302,302/ Sj.Ed-302/Pol.Sc-302/Hp-302/Hp-308/pop-303,304/Ind.Ed-308/Env.Ed-302/Ped-302 ( Childhood Dev. Methodology) /Sc.Ed-303 Interdisciplinary ( New Course) NF.ED-321
2077/11/25( New & Old  Course) P.Ed-301 /Elective Interdisciplinary (Fundamental of Primary Education)
2077/11/26New  Course)  ECD.ED-322
2077/11/28( New  Course) HPE-336
2077/11/29( New  Course) P.Ed-302 Child Development/Primary Education in Nepal (Elective & interdisciplinary)

4/3 Yrs B.Sc.  3rd Year  (New & Old Course)  परीक्षा समय दिवा  १२ः३० बजेदेखि ३ः३० बजेसम्म ।

DateSubjects/Code No. 
2077/10/27 Phy-301/Bot-301(Compulsory)Elective course Eng/Earth hazard/Bio/Stat/Math. for Bio/ Comp. Java- 311 . 
2077/10/29Math-302, Met-304/Math (334, 335,336/ Opt-311/E. Internet 
2077/10/30Met-301,Geo-301 (Compulsory) 
2077/11/01Phy. -305/Bot-304 (Elective) 
2077/11/02Chem-303 (Elective)Math-331/Phy-331/ Micro Bio-331/ Zoo- 331/ Chem-331/Bot-331/Met-331/ Geo.-331/ Stat-331/ Math-331/Env. Sc-331/ Comp. Sc-331 
2077/11/03Env-304 (Elective 
2077/11/05Met-302,Geo-303 (Elective) 
2077/11/09Chem-301 (Compulsory) 
2077/11/10Met-303/Geo-304 (Elective) 
2077/11/11Research  Methodology 
2077/11/12 Env-303 (Elective) Math.332/Phy.  332/ MB. 333/Zoo. 332/ Chem. 333/Geo. 333/ Stat. 332/ Env.  Sc- 332/ Met.  332/ Comp Sc – 332/ Bot.333 
2077/11/13Math- 303, Zoo-303 (Elective) Math 333 
2077/11/14Env-301 (Compulsory) 
2077/11/16Stat-303,MB-302,MB-304( Elective) 
2077/11/17Mat-301, Math-301, Zoo-301 (Compulsory) 
2077/11/18Phy-304,Bot-303 (Elective 
2077/11/20Math- 304, Zoo-304 (Elective) 
2077/11/23Stat-304,MB-303 (Elective) 

4 /3 Yrs B.B.S.  3rd Yearपरीक्षा समय दिवा  १२ः३० बजेदेखि ३ः३० बजेसम्म ।

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/11/11Mgt-204 .Business Law .New  Course – Account for Bussiness-311/ Corporate Finance-321 /Fundamentals of Advertising-331/Fundamental of Organizational  Behavior-314,341/Computer System & Programming-351.Old Course  Accounting for Business-311/Financial Mgt-321/MarketingCommunication-331/Org Analysis & Relation-341/Data Processing & Comp System-351
2077/11/13Mgt-215 Fundamental of Financial ManagementNew Course-Taxation in Nepal-312/ Foundation of Financial Inst & Markets-322/Distribution Managemant-332 /International Businesss-342/Management Information System-352.Old Course – Taxation in Nepal-312/ Financial Markets & Institutions-322/Distribution Management-332/Foundation of Industrial Relational-342/Productivity & Operation Mgmt-352.
2077/11/16Mgt.217 Business Environment & StrategyNew Course-Auditing-313/Fundamental of Investment -323 /Fundamental of Selling-333/Fundamental of Strategic Mgmt-343/ Productivity Management-353/Old Course- Auditing-313/Investment Analysis-323/Fundamentals of selling-333/Introduce to Human Resource Dev-343/Introd. to Mgt.Inf.System-353  
2077/11/18Mgt.219- Organizational Behavior.New Course –Accounting for Financial Institutions-314/ Banking & Insurance-324/ Fundamental of Services  Marketing-334/Management of Industrial Realations-344. / Operations Research-354.Old Course –Accounting for Financial Institutions-316
2077/11/20Mgt.218- Taxation & AuditingNew Course – Sectorial Area-Tourism Management-401/ Rural Development & Corporative Mgmt-402/Hotel Management-403/ Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgmt-404/Transport Management-405/Project Management-406/Foreign Trade &Transit Mgmt-407.Old Course-Banking Insurance-407/Foreign Trade & Transit Mgt-408

 3 Yrs B.A.  3rd Year                              परीक्षा समय दिवा  १२ः३० बजेदेखि ३ः३० बजेसम्म ।

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/10/27B.S-304,314/Geo-304,314/Hist-304,314/ Linguistic-304, 314/ NeHc-.304, 314 / FS-311,321/ Acting /Directing/Editing / DSW / MPP/ Audio
2077/10/28Eng-304,314/Hindi-304,314/ Mai-304,314/ Nep-304,314/ NB-304,314/ Sans-304,314/ FS-313,323/ Acting/ Directing /Editing/DSW / MPP/ Audio
2077/10/29( Tabala  Mus ) -325 /Math.-334/335/336/TABALA-506
2077/11/01Phil.-304,314/  Soc Work-304, 314/ FS.314,324/Acting/ Directing/Editing/ DSW/MPP/ Audio/ Socio./Anthro-304,314/So.404/AN-314,Social Service-303,314
2077/11/02Math-331/ Stat- 331/ / Pol.Sc-304,314/ H.SC-304, 314
2077/11/03Psy-304, 314/ Dan-304,314/  JMC-304, 314/ Mus-304,314, 320/Pop- Std-304,314/ R.D-304/314/ FS-312,322/Acting/ Directing/Editing/MPP / Audio/ Economics-304, 314/Rur-304,314
2077/11/05B.S-305,315/ Geo-305, 315/ Hist-305, 315/ Linguistic-305,315/ NeHca-305,315
2077/11/06Eng- 305,315/ Hindi-305,315/ Mai-305, 315/ Nep-305, 315/ Sans-305 315/ NB-305, 315
2077/11/07Phil-305,315/ Soc. Work -305,315/  Socio./Anthro-305,315/Social Service-305,315/ So-405/AN-315.
2077/11/09Dance-305, 315/JMC- 305,315/ Mus- 305,315, Music- 305,321/Pop. Std.305- 315/ R.D. 305-315/ Psy-305,315/Eco-.305,315/  Tech. Th  (Painting) -502,322/TECH.TH (Sculpture)-502/Rur-315
2077/11/10H.Sc- 305,315/ Pol-Sc.305, 315/Math-332/Stat-332
2077/11/12Functional Paper -306,316/So- 406/Rd-316
2077/11/13Math-333.Hist.of arts-321,322,501
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